When Florida boat owner, Carlos Gavidia of Jupiter, got a complaint about flying a Trump flag, he decided to give a little pushback of his own. He not only decided to defend his freedom of speech, he asked others to do the same. 

He might have taken down the flag but he got an impressive Trump “boat wrap” and called for others to participate in Trumptilla a Trump boat parade he announced on his Facebook event page. He asked boaters to bring their favorite Trump and USA flags to honor President Trump for all he is doing to Keep America Great. 

An estimated 1,200 boats participated in the parade that was about eight miles long from Jupiter to Palm Beach in Florida. 

The boat parade happened on Sunday, the first time for many in weeks that boaters were able to get their boats on the water after lockdown orders were lifted. 

More than 100 onlookers cheered them on from land as the boaters passed by with patriotic blaring from their vessels. 

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President Trump got wind of the parade and tweeted, “Thank you very much to our beautiful ‘boaters.’ I will never let you down!” 

Democratic creepy presidential candidate Joe Biden will never have any kind of rally or parade that resembles anything like the events that Trump inspires. 

To be able to inspire people, you have to BE inspiring and have policies people like and support. Does anyone even know what Biden stands for or what is running on? Free college? Free candy bars? Who knows. He’s not Trump. He’s running on that. 

Biden has no real loyalty or energy from his supporters. Democratic voters must accept that he’s both senile and creepy because he’s the last man standing. 

Cher hit the nail on the head recently when she supported Biden in an interview with Billboard by saying, “Vote for the one side you hate the least.” That’s quite an endorsement of Creepy Joe. 

“Everybody’s got faults,” she said. Way to get out the vote, Cher. I’m sure people will flock to Biden’s side more now than ever. 

Even The Hill knows that Biden has no campaign going on. The Hill admits that Biden has no fanfare, visibility or political momentum, a candidate that excites no one, with no inspiration of hope or future possibilities. Another great endorsement. 

When Biden was running in the primary, he didn’t even inspire many people to show up at his campaign events and debate watch parties. 

Back in October of 2019, David Bradford set up a presidential debate-watching party for Joe Biden supporters. Even though Bradford lived very close to Biden’s national campaign headquarters, only one person showed up to his Biden party. 

So when I see Biden ahead in the polls against Trump, I chuckle to myself just like I did when Trump was running against Hillary, turning in huge support at his rallies. 

Biden has no loyalty, enthusiasm or real support from his potential voters and no bond with them like Trump has with his followers. 

The best Biden can probably hope for in support of his presidential run is a one-person fishing boat with a hand-written sign that says, “I hate Trump.”