Believe all women? No. Just women who aren’t accusing Joe Biden of rape. 

Where is the “investigation” into Joe Biden and the accusations from Tara Reade? 

Oh, that’s right, he’s a democrat so there won’t be a real investigation. 

No documents released, no witnesses to be questioned under oath, no hard-hitting interviews about the facts of the case. 

The New York Times, who should be out of business for hiding the Holocaust, decided that their investigation into the issue would include asking Reade some very pertinent questions. 

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Actress Rose McGowan got a copy of those questions and tweeted them out. 

These questions included asking Reade about her car being repossessed by friends, owing money to landlords, and questions about dating a Russian man online and ties to other Russian individuals. 

Russia, Russia, Russia… liberals can NEVER give up that angle. 

Interesting that they didn’t ask about Joe. 

Interesting that they haven’t asked Joe about Tara more than a few times. 

Interesting, but not surprising. 

Getting to the truth about Biden’s possible crimes and perversion is not important to democrats who want to beat Trump at any cost. They need to do what they can to keep Biden’s candidacy from imploding. 

To that end, they will do what they need to do to destroy the credibility of Biden’s accuser. 

I’m sure the “journalists” at the NY Times were just as thorough getting information about the personal life of Christine Blasey Ford when she made accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, right?