It is your choice to choose fear over facts, if that’s your decision that’s ok. I support your desire to hide and live in abject fear. That is certainly your prerogative as an American. You do not however have the right to demand others stay indoors indefinitely because you are scared. Your emotional wellbeing is not my charge.

To be blunt, I don’t care if you live in fear everyday, it’s simply not my problem.

As for me, I will not live in fear. I will not submit to this tyrannical nonsense for one more minute. I will not surrender my liberty or my God given rights to the misguided egos of self-righteous politicians we mistakenly elected over the past few years. 

It is far easier to surrender your rights to these people than it is to ever get them back. It is time for all lockdowns to end and swiftly.

Let me tell you why I will never do this again; simply put because the people who destroyed the economy in a fit of panic are incapable of admitting when they are wrong; and they are wrong. Lockdowns and stay at home orders ran their due course weeks ago and any effort to continue demanding people remain at home is much more than misguided- it is criminal. Its about control and has nothing to do with public health. The detrimental effects of keeping kids out of school and people out of work is far worse than the coronavirus ever was or ever will be.

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It is time to tell the unvarnished truth.

The truth is I am not at risk of any serious illness nor are more than 99% of all Americans from the novel coronavirus. Those under 40 have a near zero chance of being negatively impacted. Not absolute zero but almost. If you choose to believe otherwise, that is a choice you are making. It is not however based on numerous studies and anecdotal evidence from nations around the world and states around America.

I do not choose fear and I never will. In fact, I will never allow myself to be under a ‘stay at home order’ ever again.

Unfortunately, many governors and mayors have made the choice to continue to push the narrative of lockdowns work. As a result, they continue to push this nation deeper into economic despair and poverty where alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, and violence toward kids have all exploded since mid-March. Food lines are growing longer and tempers shorter. People don’t want government checks. They want their jobs back.

We all took the virus seriously and prepared for the entire nation to be plunged into the destructive grips of a raging virus. However, for the vast majority of the nation this never happened. Instead, we have pushed 36.5 million people into the unemployment lines and as many as 40% of the jobs lost will never return. The biggest irony of all may be the hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers losing their jobs in the middle of a pandemic because there is nothing for them to do and the revenue from elective procedures like hip and knee replacement, mammograms, colonoscopies and much more have been stopped. Smaller rural hospitals are already closing down because of the economic damage done. These hospitals were the only option for millions in smaller communities across the nation. They are closing every day, not because of a virus but because of politicians and misguided policies.

Cancer screenings have dropped 90% and will lead to countless deaths in the days and years ahead. 

What we have done is unprecedented in human history. At no time during any plague or pandemic has mankind chosen- yes chosen political and economic suicide at the same time. During deadly outbreaks of disease people were not locked inside their homes and cowering in fear.

We have had 3 far worse pandemics in the last century and at no time did we suspend the Constitution or hide in our homes. Please look at 1918, 1957 and 1968 for reference. Each one of those pandemics killed far more Americans as a percentage than Covid-19. In fact, in order to reach the least destructive- the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968, the death rate from Covid will need to double. 

So, while those who came before us faced worse and did it with guts and grit, we have allowed unelected health officials commandeer our republic and declare they are in charge. Its for everyone’s best interest and safety they declare.

However, the damage they have inflicted will be felt for years to come. Small towns and cities have been changed forever. Each day in America right now there are bars, restaurants, and gyms that will not survive one more day. Dentist offices and so called non-essential companies of all sorts have been ordered by governors and mayors to go bankrupt.

Meanwhile, they watch as their neighbors are declared essential frontline workers and hailed as heroes with bonus pay and the suggestions of free college and more. Those same neighbors glare when the unemployed have the nerve to stand in the drive talking to an old friend or buy groceries with no mask at all.

No more- it is time to say no more.