Dear female democratic vice presidential interviewees: 

I can’t blame you for being skeptical about accepting the position to be 77-year-old Joe Biden’s running mate. First of all, I think it’s disturbing to begin with that Creepy Joe wants a woman candidate. For what reason? Companionship? Votes? Both? Maybe you should look into that. 

Do you have your sound bites ready? Because you’ll be apologizing for Joe’s creepy behavior, the sex assault allegations, his dementia and his corruption with Obamagate and his son, Hunter Biden. 

As Joe’s VP candidate, you have to be an apologist for him. But don’t worry. I’m sure that the media will cover for you and ask you about what kind of brownies you like to eat and how hard it’s been to quarantine yourself in your mansion. No hard questions. 

But what won’t be happening is you keeping your credibility, especially on the sex assault allegations against Biden. You’ll have to explain how we can’t “believe all women” anymore like in the old days of the Me too Movement. 

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Even the democrats will view you with a critical eye – especially if Biden loses. Sure, they’ll be on board in the beginning. Anything to beat Trump. But after you lose, everyone will remember what you said and did to prop him up. 

A recent poll shows that 55% of voters believe that Joe sexually assaulted Reade. Even 34% of democrats do. That’s a pretty big number. Of course, it might not stop them from voting for Creepy Joe but that’s what they believe and you’ll be a part of that now. 

You will have to say that Biden is innocent and that Tara Reade is lying even though there’s been no investigation. And why isn’t there one? Will you support one? You’ll probably support a fake one when you know where all of the evidence is hidden. 

So is selling your soul for Joe Biden and the DNC worth it? 

I think there are a few women who think so, including failed politician Stacey Abrams and race baiter Senator Kamala Harris. And there might be a few other candidates who still see the upside of being nominated as the democratic VP candidate even if it means being paired with Creepy Joe. 

If the DNC promises them what they need, they might jump at the chance. That would be getting rid of Joe so they can be president. The question is, when will that happen – before or after the convention? Before or after the election? Before or after an inauguration? 

Anyone looking at the job has to consider their future when the whole thing crashes and burns. If they attach themselves to this loser candidate, they will need to come out of it with legitimacy and a future. To me, that means that the person need to be older and also established in her own right – someone who can weather the storm without coming out of it damaged. 

Biden says he won’t seek reelection if his mental of physical health declines so it looks like the VP would have a good shot of sliding into the presidency. I just wonder how we’ll know if Biden’s mental health declines. What signs do we look for that we don’t already see? 

It’s being reported that Joe will make a decision about his VP in July. The Democratic National Convention is in August. The last VP picks since 1972 have been done in late summer, in July or August before the convention. Knowing how President Trump operates, he probably has a “bombshell” saved up to drop on the fake news media on that same day so that he gets equal coverage.