Looks like it pays to be homeless, a criminal or a drug addict these days in what I’m going to start calling “New America.” New America is where the government does whatever it wants under no constitutional, legal, financial or common sense restraints. And in a majority of these cases, there is a democrat politician behind the insanity. 

If you’re a criminal in certain states, you’re likely to be released early from prison because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re a patriot and you want to protest the government, you’re likely to be arrested or at the very least harassed. 

And if you’re homeless in San Francisco, it looks like the city will pay for you to be put up in a hotel room so that you don’t spread the virus, even if you don’t have the virus. And you will receive free drugs too delivered right to your door! 

In addition to a free room, compliments of the city, the homeless are also getting, with funds from private donations, drugs so that they can “manage” their nicotine, opioid and alcohol cravings. 11 people have received alcohol, 27 have received tobacco and five have got medical marijuana so far. 

There are about 270 people in the city-leased hotels right now in self-isolation or quarantine, with other rooms held for other vulnerable homeless people. So you don’t even have to have the virus to get free stuff. Or even have a possible exposure. 

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San Francisco’s public health director, Dr. Grant Colfax says about the homeless, “Our focus needs to be on supporting them” so that they stay where they are, while isolating under quarantine. 

Another spokesperson, Jenna Lane, said, “We’re saying: ‘We’re doing what we can to support you staying inside and not have to go out to get things.’” 

San Francisco has been enabling their homeless population for years, letting them sleep outside and in front of people’s homes and businesses and spread disease. This new policy of giving them drugs shouldn’t be surprising to anyone and three other California counties are also looking into doing the same. 

Wonder if the city is liable if the addicts overdose or if they commit a crime when they are high? 

Probably not. In “New America” the government is not liable or responsible for anything they’ve been doing lately.