Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, should really stop having press conferences because he’s really a despicable human being on many levels. 

First, he made it mandatory that the nursing homes in his state take back residents with COVID-19, something that contributed to over 5,000 deaths. That’s 5% of the nursing home population and 12% of the state’s coronavirus deaths. 

Then we learned that the nurses who he asked to come to his state and help with the pandemic will have to pay state income taxes on the income they earned while in New York. Unless they were there for less than 14 days. And he doesn’t seem embarrassed or ashamed of it at all. 

What a guy! I can totally see why the Democrats think he’s a great presidential candidate, right? He’s a real winner. 

Now, he’s spouting fake news, calling COVID-19 the European virus” instead of living in reality and calling it what it is – a coronavirus from China. 

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He explains his idiotic comments by saying that people from China were being tested at the airport but those from Europe weren’t. 

Using that logic, we can probably say that McDonald workers are to blame…or people from Tanzania…or red haired left-handed 50-year-olds with green underwear…Let’s just blame anyone at all who moved around the country and might have been infected with the virus, regardless of where the virus actually originated. 

I’m sure China appreciates Cuomo’s hard work deflecting the fact that they to blame for the global pandemic. They appreciate all of the democrats who are currently helping them out with that, either because they have personal or political financial ties to Asia…or they just want to make Trump look bad.