Celebrity Oprah Winfrey has been quite a disappointment over the last decade. She made her money off championing women’s issues, but then she chose her race over her gender and threw women overboard to support Barack Obama. 

Now, she turns out to be a weak minded person instead of the strong woman she tries to portray. 

According to Daily Mail, Oprah has cancelled EVERYTHING through the end of the year and will remain at one of her $50+ million estates in Santa Barbara, California. 

Doesn’t sound like a woman who will be on the campaign trail with Joe Biden, digitally or otherwise. 

The 66-year-old seems to be freaked out and doesn’t want to take any chances with her health because she had pneumonia last year and feels that her health is compromised. 

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She said, ‘I have canceled everything on my calendar outside my gates through the rest of the year. I just don’t think it’s gonna be safe to be in large group settings until this virus is over, in every form.” 

She even has her own dog, Sadie, quarantined in a guest house for two weeks because her veterinarian didn’t wear a mask. 

But somebody has to walk and feed the dog. I guess when you are an elitist rich celebrity, you can pass on the risk of the coronavirus to your peon employees who are doing your bidding – your cooks, your shoppers, your cleaners, your dog walkers. 

So much for Oprah being a sane and calm voice of reason and giving tips on how to navigate through the new coronavirus world we find ourselves in. Retreat is her answer. But that doesn’t work for everyone. Not for the little people out here. 

She doesn’t have to go to the grocery store or “earn” a living like the rest of us. She has the luxury of staying home forever if she wants to. She can order things from her house, either on the internet or she can have her staff run her errands for her. 

And she has plenty of space to relax, take walks and enjoy the outdoors without being dragged off by a police officer for not adhering to stay-at-home orders. 

She’ll be a-okay at home. She says, “I always have myself. I never feel alone, have never felt alone, because I just love being with myself.”