I remember the good ole days when democrats spent all of their time complaining about the treatment of illegal aliens and telling us that our borders, walls and fencing were inhumane and cruel. 

They were going down to the border every week, taking tours, looking at toilets and crying about the plight of the illegal aliens. 

They’ve been working hard lately to give them money in the stimulus bills and democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom is handing out cash to illegals, but other than that, they’re pretty much silent as the voice of the illegal alien democrat voter. 

What’s up with that? Was it all a show? 

I would be shocked to find out that it was all a publicity stunt to make Trump look bad and that they really don’t care about kids in cages and women drinking water out of toilets. 

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Borders, walls and fences aren’t bad any more though. They’re hip and happening. The democrats are woke about fences and how they can use them to control Americans. 

When it comes to illegal aliens, NYC Mayor De Blasio has said that Trump’s wall is racist. And when talking to former and police commissioners, the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force about threats he said, “I can’t remember a single conversation where they said there’s a threat to New York City coming from the southern border.” 

However, there are OBVIOUSLY threats coming from Americans going to beaches. Big time threats. People are going to the beach without permission, for God’s sake. 

De Blasio thinks fencing is very effective now and will use it should the good citizens of New York defy him. When discussing beaches being closed, Daddy De Blasio said, “No swimming, no parties, no sports, no gatherings. We’re going to give people a chance to get it right…if people are smart about it and listen to the rules, great. If not, we actually might have to put up fencing to keep people off the beach.” 

You’ve been given a chance, people. Given a chance to be oppressed and should you try to go around his oppression, he will oppress you even more. You have been warned. 

Besides using fencing to corral American citizens, De Blasio also likes walls and fences to keep you peons away from his mansion. He put up a huge privacy fence to keep his constituents away from his mansion back in 2014. This was put inside an existing wall and wrought-iron fence. Wow. Triple fencing. 

I have a serious question though that really needs answering… 

What happens if an illegal alien wants to go to the beach? 

Will De Blasio support that or not?