The Michigan State Police showed up in force at the barber shop of 77-year Karl Manke in Owosso, Michigan Friday afternoon. Six troopers went in to deliver papers telling Manke he was in violation of the law for opening his shop while Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered so called non-essential businesses to remain closed during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

The Michigan State Police Troopers arrived in force they said because so many people are supporting Manke, that they wanted to make sure there wasn’t any trouble. The Police told Manke they were sent by Attorney General Dana Nessel who has continued to defend the Governors lockdown orders, even with a blizzard of lawsuits piling up.

For the first time we are sharing exclusive video that reveals the moment the police came through the front door. Manke, instead of being angry meets the troopers with a warm greeting and praises them for doing their jobs. Manke then told them to let the Attorney General know that he sends her ‘all his love’.

Manke opened up last week after applying for unemployment twice and failing to qualify. He also says he never received a stimulus check from the government.

On the Steve Gruber Show Thursday, Manke said he would keep his shop open until he is “tasered or Jesus walks in”.

Manke has also hired the Kallman Legal Group to represent him in court. David Kallman says he expects this case to be in front of a judge very soon, possibly Monday.

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Kallman also points out that the state is taking an unusual approach in its efforts to shut down the Owosso landmark by filing several complaints. One of the cease and desist orders accuses Manke of violating the Governor’s Executive Orders and another uses the Director of DHHS attempting to twist the public health code to close his doors.

As the lead attorney, Kallman says the state is using a very heavy-handed approach to go after the barber in the hopes of intimidating him. “We look forward to defending this great American who is on the verge of losing his business that he started 59 years ago. He is an icon and treasured member of the Owosso community,” Kallman said. Then added what many people believe, “The Executive Orders issued by Governor Whitmer are illegal and unlawful since the Legislature refused to extend her declaration of a state of emergency past April 30, 2020. Karl looks forward to his day in court.”

Meanwhile, Karl continues to cut hair with no sign of giving in and the lines appear to be getting longer every day.