So what’s going on with the democrats? We know they have a plan but what is it? They were able to get all their minority candidates to drop out of the race so that they could stop Bernie Sanders but that gave them another problem – Joe Biden. 

What’s the new plan? They certainly know that Joe Biden has cognitive issues. They certainly know he’s creepy and his creepiness is all over YouTube. They certainly know he’s corrupt because he was there in the White House with Obama and Hillary during Benghazi, the coup against Trump and all of their other schemes, as well as helping his drug-addicted son make millions off daddy’s connections in China. 

Now, Biden has sexual assault allegations hanging over his head. For the most part, for the past week, democrats have been giving it their best shot to defend Biden (especially the women) by saying that all women should be believed and at the same time saying that they don’t believe Joe Biden’s accuser. 

You can count the Me Too movement as officially dead when women decide that politics and getting rid of Trump supersedes deviant sexual pervert behavior when the pervert is a democrat running against Trump. 

Politicians like tyrannical Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said in a CNN interview, “I know Joe Biden, and I’ve watched his defense and there’s not a pattern that goes into this.” 

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Really, Gretchen? Try Googling “Biden smells hair” and see what you come up with. But being his campaign co-chair and possible VP candidate, I can understand why you have to sell your soul to support Creepy Joe. 

And, as democrats always do, they like to control the narrative and decide when they are done talking about something. Whitmer said, “And you know what? That’s all I’m going to say about it.” 

Yes, I’m sure that democrats want the subject to be over and done with, never to be questioned about it again. 

There are small holes in the Biden boat though. Is the ship still seaworthy? Are people looking for a way off? Some appear to be seeing that a creepy old man with dementia might not actually be the best candidate to put up against President Trump. 

Over the weekend, the New York Times actually had an opinion piece that said it’s time to drop Lunchbox Joe for a better candidate. 

Guess they’re not waiting to see who the VP candidate is (the REAL presidential candidate). Or maybe they know who she is and want to get ahead of the game because they see huge electoral losses in their future. 

The New York Times says that it’s time to consider “Plan B” – that democrats to start considering a backup plan because the Tara Reade issue could demoralize voters and place Biden at a disadvantage against Trump in the general election. 

Hm… Joe might need to start worrying if The New York Times is looking to ditch him. Who will be next???