The internet has buzzed over the past month about hair stylists and barbers who are defying their government’s lockdown orders so they can make a living. 

They are adhering to all of the same social distancing rules as everyone else and don’t see it as being fair that the governments are targeting them to stay closed. 

Michigan barber Karl Manke and Texas hair stylist Shelley Luther have become heroes to many who think that the governments are overstepping their authority to order people to stay home and away from their businesses. 

In Michigan on Wednesday, there was an event on the capitol lawn called “Operation Hair Cut” where barbers and hair stylists provided free hair cuts for three hours in defiance of democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders. 

Haircutters and supporters who showed up did it partly in support of Manke. Shelley Luther showed up to the event along with hundreds of others. 

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About seven demonstrators giving the haircuts were given disorderly conduct tickets but no arrests were made. The group that organized the event, the Michigan Conservative Coalition, pledged to cover the fines

Now we have a new outrageous story – a woman in Oregon named Lindsey Graham who has a salon in Oregon and re-opened her business on May 5th. She is getting harassed by the government for daring go against their edicts in order to pay her bills and provide for her family. 

She said, “I’m almost broken, I’m almost closing, which is terrifying.” 

She was on the Glenn Beck show recently and she told him that Oregon was sending the full force of the government after her – the health department, the licensing department and OSHA. But that’s not all. 

The most appalling part is that they even sent CPS (child protective services) to go after her kid, interviewing her six-year-old son without allowing her husband to be present. 

This is the true definition of a police state. Merriam-Webster defines it as a political unit “characterized by a repressive governmental control of political, economic and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police…” 

Wow. Have you heard a better definition of the current circumstances that we find ourselves in?