Having the country rebound from the coronavirus and our economic destruction is not good for the democrat party. 

This has been obvious to most of us during the past two months as we see with our own eyes how they are taking advantage of the situation. 

They are using the pandemic to impose unconstitutional edicts on people, destroy businesses, hand out free money to potential voters, pass liberal policies in the stimulus bills and more. 

And their main goal, as always, is to use the pandemic to destroy the president’s re-election chances as much as they can. 

The pandemic is a silver lining to their party right now and they don’t want to give it up. Politico is actually admitting it. 

Politico published a headline recently that said, “The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading” and the story is about our economy bouncing back and how the democrats don’t want it to happen. 

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Barack Obama’s former economic adviser, Jason Furman, laid out a case in a Zoom presentation for why we’re about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of our country with a quick and steep rebound. Those at the meeting were shocked, expecting a forecast of economic doom. 

Furman said, “This is my big worry.” 


He’s worried that our economy might get back on track? 

He’s worried that we’ll have explosive employment numbers and GDP growth? What a great guy. 

Democrats pretend to care about people but they don’t. They care about themselves, their political power and the deals they’ve made to pad their bank accounts. 

Forman said that the top democratic party officials are panicking about good economic numbers with a very high level of concern. 

I’m sure that the democrats will do everything they can to stop this from happening – keeping their states on extended lockdown and expanding the extra unemployment “bonus” so people don’t want to go back to work. 

Almost 40 million people are unemployed and there are an estimated 100,000 deaths from the virus. 

That status quo is currently good news for democrats and their political future, Americans be damned.