Karl Manke, a 77-year old barber from Owosso, Michigan is facing the wrath of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration for defying her statewide lockdown order by opening up and cutting hair. Manke, who first opened his shop in 1961, says he tried to get unemployment twice but failed and never got any financial assistance from the federal government and he simply had no choice but to open up- just to pay his bills.

The Governor has repeated continuously her orders are for the health and wellbeing of citizens in the state.

Manke disagrees. During an interview on the Steve Gruber Show Thursday Manke said he is an American and he has rights and unless he is tasered by the police or Jesus Christ himself walks in, he is not walking out.

It appears the police beat Jesus to the scene.

According to the Argus-Press,  the Michigan State Police barged into Manke’s shop, and delivered a cease and desist order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a power play by Democrats in Lansing, who believe they can issue such orders without regard to state law. They also don’t appear to have any interest in the pleas from business owners facing financial ruin in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdowns.

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Earlier this week, Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a clear threat to all Michigan businesses who dared to open in defiance of Governor Whitmer’s lockdown orders. 

This comes just one day after the Texas Supreme Court ordered hair Salon owner, Shelley Luther released from jail after she was locked up for opening her business in the Lone Star State in defiance of statewide lockdown orders there.

The difference is, in Texas Governor Greg Abbott backed Luther but in Michigan the Attorney General is supporting and enforcing the order in place by Governor Whitmer.

“Big Gretch”, as the liberal media has taken to calling Whitmer, however faces real issues because her latest lockdown orders extending the stay and home requirements lack legal authority according to numerous lawsuits, including one from Republicans who control the state house and senate.

On the Steve Gruber Show Friday, Mike Shirkey, the Republican Majority Leader, said Whitmer is acting beyond her legal authority.

This is sure to galvanize public opinion in a state that is considered a critical state in this year’s Presidential Election. It’s a race Governor Whitmer has made clear, she wants to be Joe Biden’s running mate for the Democrats.

I can tell you this- somebody is definitely getting a haircut on this one!