Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has called yet another afternoon press conference to justify and further extend the governments extreme control over your life. You don’t need rights, you only need the government to help you.

Whitmer’s Stay Closed/Stay Broke Executive Order has run into stronger resistance every day, statewide with more and more companies and employees deciding to return to work with or without the Governors permission.

Trying to quell uppity peasants with increased fear mongering, Whitmer is calling on The University of Michigan to once again provide really scary numbers about ‘possible outcomes’ from the pandemic in an effort to maintain a high level of panic. These really scary numbers are also very important in stripping you of any and all Constitutional rights you mistakenly think you still have. You are nobody, especially if you disagree with Governor Whitmer.

Keep in mind- UM models according to Whitmer on March 23rd showed 7 million Michigan residents would be sick and 1 million would be in the hospital from Covid-19. UM modelers have flatly refused to share any information about how they arrived at such outrageous and fictional numbers. Once again you are advised to keep your mouth shut.

Be prepared to hear how you are the problem and how you are endangering everyone’s life if you return to work without the consent of Governor Whitmer. Be prepared to hear how a new surge is coming sometime soon and how we must work together by being locked separately in our homes to overcome this impending doom.

Be prepared to hear several times about how we are all in this together and how your Governor has made such an incredible sacrifice to lead you. After all she said so on TV every single day for the last week or more including late night comedy shows- so it must be true. She even took time to write for the New York Times to make sure everyone knows how much she has suffered.

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Lastly, be prepared to be told- she has the authority to keep the Stay Closed/Stay Broke Executive Order in place as long as she damn well pleases and if you try to resist she will have you arrested with or without a warrant and AG Dana Nessel will tell you it’s all legal. They don’t need no damn warrant to clean up trash like you!

Now shut your smart mouth and get back in your basement where you belong before we have the cops come beat some respect into you!