Governor could you explain the role of Tricia Foster in the contact tracing scandal?

Certainly, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer for the State of Michigan, Tricia Foster would have known about the contract between Michigan and the Democratic Operative firm(s) Great Lakes Community Engagement under the umbrella of K2K, to collect personal medical information on Michigan citizens. All under the control of Michael Kolehouse a long time Democratic operative who has worked for Planned Parenthood and other high profile Democratic partners.

Foster was moved to the newly created COO position in an announcement on March 5th and formally took over the position April 1st. According to multiple sources inside the Michigan Emergency Operations Center and elsewhere, Foster would have been the point person for putting together such a contract. Foster, in her new role answers only to Governor Whitmer and it appears all roads lead back to her according to multiple sources.

Sources also say Foster informs Whitmer on all critical decisions and developments. Therefore, the Governor would certainly have known about the contract that she is trying to deny any previous knowledge of.

There are several important questions that must be answered, and now! Questions for Governor Whitmer Today-

)  Who signed the contract with Great Lakes Community Engagement for $200,000 to collect information on Michigan citizens?
)  Who in the Emergency Operations Center or Michigan State Police actually saw, discussed or vetted the contract as you claim?
)  What role did Tricia Foster play in putting this deal together with Great Lakes Community Engagement in her newly created but barely defined role as Chief Operating Officer for the State of Michigan?
)  Prior to the termination of this contract with Great Lakes Community Engagement how much information had already been collected and how much information had been transferred to this company about Michigan residents?
)  How much money did Great Lakes Community Engagement collect before the contract was cancelled?
)  When did you become aware of this contract for the first time?
)  Have you or your administration worked with this company before?
)  Under what authority have you cancelled FOIA requests?
)  Why do you only allow one reporter to ask questions during your  pressconference?
And finally Governor, do you plan to resign over this scandal?