There are sick Democrats all over the internet. Not sick with the Wuhan coronavirus but sick with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Even a global pandemic can’t cure them from their TDS. 

There’s a Rhode Island public school teacher who is actually offering to pay someone with COVID-19 to cough on President Trump. The woman also stalks school choice supporters. Even though she seems to have mental issues, she still appears to be employed by her school system and I see no apology from them about her behavior. 

Can you imagine the kinds of things she’s teaching to her sixth grade students? Sounds like there are a lot of parents in that school who seriously need to be looking at home schooling. 

Then there’s a supposed nurse on Twitter who tweeted back a guy with a photo of a Trump mask to be sure to wear it to the hospital so she can make sure he doesn’t get a ventilator. 

The latest display of sick TDS is an interview with Democrats asking them if it’s worse for a lot of people to die of the coronavirus or worse if Trump is re-elected. I’m sure you can guess how most of them answered the question. 

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Ami Horowitz talked with people during man-on-the street interviews in the East Village, a neighborhood on the east side of Lower Manhattan. You would think that being in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic would give them a perspective on life and death and their hatred of Trump. But not so much. 

Horowitz asked, “Would you go for this deal….that the coronavirus lasts longer and is more severe but the president is guaranteed to lose the election?” 

Lovely democrats answered the question: 

“That’s a hard question. I don’t know. That’s a hard choice to make.” 

“That’s a hard question.” 

“Sorry guys, I would go for the longer virus.” 

“I want him gone…no matter what.” 

“Let the coronavirus be more severe.” 

“He’s more dangerous and worse. Absolutely.” 

“Would you make that deal?” Horowitz kept asking. 

Most of the answers were “yes” “yes” “yes” yes and a “Hell yes.” 

Even a million deaths doesn’t dissuade one disgusting democrat. He would still make the deal. 

Watch these democrats. They seriously need psychological intervention.