Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates thinks everyone is being a big meanie to China, and shouldn’t be blaming them for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In an recent interview on CNN, he calls blaming China in the beginning of the pandemic a distraction and that China “did a lot of things right at the beginning.” 

He said they got their testing in place and avoided incredible economic pain. 

So, according to Mr. Bill, what they did right was protect themselves. 

Gates believes there are a lot of incorrect and unfair things said about China. 

Aw… the poor communist tyrannical dictator can’t catch a break. 

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But don’t worry, there are ALWAYS democrats and the liberal media around to have his back. Democrats are busy making sure that everyone knows that the pandemic is Trump’s fault, not China. 

When President Trump initiated the travel ban against China, the democrats all chimed in to protect their communist friends and called Trump xenophobic and racist, and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused him of starting another “war against immigrants.” 

The Gates Foundation is tied in to China, where their office there is one of its biggest that they have. 

The Gates Foundation is the second biggest donor to the World Health Organization, who Gates calls a “phenomenal” organization. 

The Gates Foundation is currently working on vaccines and treatments against the virus with a lot of the money going to WHO. 

Gates, who doesn’t want to say anything mean against China or WHO, has no problem criticizing President Donald Trump though calling our response “particularly poor” compared to other countries while giving China and WHO a pass at the expense of the American people.