Celebrities are the ones who care. They tell us that all the time. So where are the concerts? Where
are the coronavirus songs? Why aren’t they raising money for us?

These self-indulgent millionaires don’t seem to care if people are losing their jobs and businesses
because of COVID-19. There is definitely a lack of urgency and concern from the entitled class.

I keep waiting for a televised concert to appear on TV called “Coronavirus Aid.” In the past, they’d
quickly organize charity concerts when problems arose.

Maybe they don’t think a pandemic is a problem.

Generation Z celebrities don’t seem to be too concerned. They are on Instagram, partying and still
hanging out at beaches. Maybe their generation isn’t the group that is getting infected but they are
putting the “greatest generation” in danger. There are pictures of these young folk drinking beer and
dancing when they should be stepping up and helping people in need.

When Ethiopia needed to eat, celebrities had Live Aid.

In 2010, they had “Hope for Haiti now” where celebrities raised funds to provide aid to Haiti.
They seem to like to help other countries in crisis. It would be nice if they showed the same
compassion for Americans who are currently in crisis.

To give them credit, they have helped Americans in the past too. They’ve raised money for hurricane
relief, families of fallen first responders after September 11th and they participated in Farm Aid. So
what’s stopping them now?

And where are the songs? When Africa needed help, celebrities sang “We are the World” and raised
over $63 million dollars.

But instead of singing and telling jokes, we get silence. Instead of raising our spirits and telling us
“we’re all in this together,” celebrities are sitting in their mansions sipping on their champagne and
eating their caviar.

So much for caring for the regular guy (and gal).

It’s not like they have to have their concert in front of a huge audience of more than 10 people. They
can sit in a room and sing. They can even have their musicians six feet away from them.

It’s time for the privileged celebrities to step up and use their status to raise money –and kick in some
of their own as well. Where do they think they got it from in the first place??