Chances are that sometime in the past week, something you wanted to do has been cancelled. Your
church service, a parade, a birthday party, poker game, bowling night, a charity race, a chili cook-off,
a basketball game… The private sector has been closing events, buildings and activities one after
another right around the time that the NBA season was cancelled.

There are no sports to watch or participate in, local libraries are closing, schools are closing, senior
centers are closing and more. Every email in my inbox contains some sort of “coronavirus policy”
from every customer we have and from companies I’ve never heard of. Everyone has to let me know
what they’re doing to keep me safe and save the world. They don’t want me to think less of them.

For now, having fun in public is not recommended or is banned altogether.

The government, the media, my cat…everyone has been talking about social distancing and it seems
we’ve all gotten the memo because even if you wanted to go out and do something fun, you’d be hard
pressed to figure out where to go.

By the way, cats LOVE social distancing so although we have had meaningful discussions about
pandemics, I don’t take coronavirus advice from a gray kitty whose main goal is to keep me away
from my own bed so he can stretch out and use my pillow.

The purpose of all of this social distancing is to “flatten the curve.” This is being done through advice
from the government and actions by the private sector. If you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook lately or
watching the news, you’ve probably seen a graphic of “the curve.”

By social distancing ourselves, we are supposedly going to be able to mitigate the spread of
COVID-19 so that infections and deaths do not peak and get out of control. The theory is that the
spread of the virus can be slowed by practicing social distancing, limiting movements and avoiding
public spaces.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talked about
the curve at a coronavirus task force briefing. He said, “What we need to do is flatten that down. You
do that with trying to interfere with the natural flow of the outbreak.”

So by governmental suggestion and happenstance, NOW is apparently the chosen time of distancing.
We’ll reassess where we are in two or three weeks and see if this worked or if it has to be done over
and over again until we have a vaccine and more successful medications to combat the virus.

The problem is, with more testing being done, we are going to see more people documented as being
infected and won’t be able to accurately gauge if the social distancing worked or not.

In the meantime, yes, you are stuck having “fun” with your family. Sorry about that. You’ll have to see
your kids and your husband or wife a little more than you’re used to. You get to argue more over the
remote control… But hey, you could also social distance yourself at home too. Pick a room and do
what you want.

Consider it a vacation. Some of us don’t get the luxury of taking time off and staying home. It could be
for economic reasons or it could be because or we are “essential” workers like police officers,
firemen, nurses, gas station attendants, grocery cashiers, truck drivers, drug store pharmacists, etc.
The world still has to go on.

And some of our employers can’t afford to be shut down. They have bills to pay and customers to

Trump and his administration are making suggestions on what to do because we live in a free society
and have a Constitution. Democrats on the other hand, are giving orders.

Church services with more than 250 people have been banned by Michigan Democratic Governor
Gretchen Whitmer who put out an unconstitutional executive order to ban gatherings of 250 or more
people in churches, auditoriums, cafeterias and other places. Don’t worry though, grocery stores are
exempted. You can still get your Twinkies and toilet paper but not your fill of God.

The Michigan Democrats also don’t want you to get your fill of booze. In a Sunday press conference,
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel warned large bars about being open for St. Patrick’s Day.
Apparently, if they have more then 250 people and decide to ignore Whitmer’s executive order, they
can also to expect to possibly lose their liquor license. The strong arm of the Democrat is upon us
and they have their excuse of having broad powers to lord over us in an emergency.

Apparently declaring a state of emergency overrides the Constitution and our protections of freedom
of religion, freedom of speech and the right to assemble. Who knew?

And to all of you poor saps who have a wedding coming up… I guess if you’re getting married in
Michigan before April 5th and are expecting more than 250 people, the police will be coming for you.
Sorry about that. Maybe you should consider putting up a sign that says “Walmart” on the outside of
your ballroom and have a table where you sell toilet paper. That might keep you covered. Literally.

o to recap, even though fun is being banned, hoarding is still allowed. The government says that
you can continue to risk your life and go out and stand in long lines and be around a lot of people so
that you can pick up your box of ramen noodles and hand sanitizer. At least for now.