Males trying to compete as females to place better in sporting events is a scam that has sadly taken its place in the myriad number of leftist shams society has to deal with in the modern age.

Cynical young males pretending to be females, thus also mocking the poor people that suffer from the tragic psychological issue of gender dysphoria, make their sports reputations by using inherent male physical advantages to outperform their legitimate female sports rivals.

These men cheat to win and the Trump administration has had enough of it.

Thus Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice (DOJ) is entering into the mix of a lawsuit filed in Connecticut in February by runners Selina Soule, a senior at Glastonbury High School, Chelsea Mitchell, a senior at Canton High School, and Alanna Smith, a sophomore at Danbury High School, against their state interscholastic athletic conference (CIAC) and several local boards of education.

Barr’s DOJ: “Under CIAC’s interpretation of Title IX, however, schools may not account for the real physiological differences between men and women.

Instead, schools must have certain biological males —namely, those who publicly identify as female— compete against biological females. In so doing, CIAC deprives those women of the single-sex athletic competitions that are one of the marquee accomplishments of Title IX.”

An attorney for the female athletes also commented. “Males will always have inherent physical advantages over comparably talented and trained girls—that’s the reason we have girls sports in the first place,” attorney Christiana Holcomb said Wednesday. “And a male’s belief about his gender doesn’t eliminate those advantages.”


Men pretending to be women, while never that amusing as entertainment outside of Oxbridge revues or POW camps, who use gender chicanery to falsely win athletic prizes has got to be a new low for the Left. No doubt there are even lower lows on the way.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on March 26, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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