There is not a single confirmed case of Covid-19 Coronavirus in the state of Pennsylvania at this time but that is not stopping the Governor for going into full-blown panic mode. Democrat Governor Tom Wolf went straight to the break glass part of his ‘how to make the most of an emergency handbook,” today. Wolf issued a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency authorizing everything he determines he or anyone in the government needs to deal with the so-called Covid-19 crisis.

In doing so, Governor Wolf has authorized martial law if he deems its needed. You can read the incredible Proclamation here. Wolf has placed on ‘active duty’ any Pennsylvania National Guard units needed to address the emergency. He goes on to authorize the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police to use “all available resources and personnel in whatever manner he deems necessary” during this time of ’emergency’ as well. Wolf further authorized additional departments to ignore any laws or rules that would prevent them from doing anything they deem necessary at this time to allegedly deal with Covid-19 Coronavirus. You read this right; they can do anything at all they deem appropriate without regard to the laws of the Keystone state.

What is really shocking is that as of this moment- there are exactly two suspected cases in Pennsylvania that have not yet been confirmed. Two cases? Yes, and other states are rumored to be considering similar moves toward martial law in the next few days.

Why is there such a rush to bring up so much firepower? I ask again what is really going on right now? It doesn’t seem we are getting the whole story or being told the truth.

With every hour we are learning about a new quarantine, flight cancellations or government crackdowns here and overseas that seem far afield from the outbreak of a normal ‘flu- like illness’ as so many have called Covid-19.

Let me put it this way; if it’s ‘just the flu’ then why the hell is Governor Wolf on the hairy edge of declaring martial law across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Why would he put the boot on millions of people unless he knows something we don’t?

This is either the biggest hoax and over-reaction of all-time that has some other purpose or we are really being lied to about how dangerous this illness truly is.

Stay tuned!