Remember the phone? And I mean to make phone calls, not using your phone to send a text message or to go on Facebook.

What was old is now new again and because we are separated from our friends and family, we are craving hearing their voice. So people are calling each other again.

A recent New York Times article spotlighted a woman who got a call from her friend Margot recently. They have been friends for 30 years but Margot never calls her. They usually email each other or see each other when they are in the same town. Margot had quarantined herself to their guest room because her husband is immunocompromised and she has a cold. So she reached out to her friend with a phone call.

The phone call inspired the other woman to call people too because the phone call cheered them both up. Of course, since this is a New York Times article, she talked to her friends about how there is no one competent in charge of the country. Big surprise, right? It’s good to know that Democrats can spread their Trump hate on the phone as well as through email and Facebook.

Meanwhile, conservatives are calling their friends to see if they can shop for them and get them food or prescriptions. My hubby went out today to deliver food and supplies to an elderly friend who is about 80% blind. The friend is a liberal and has CNN blaring on his TV all the time. They did not spend their time together talking about politics and whether Trump is good or bad.

There are other old things that are new again while we are quarantined to our homes – reading books, playing cards, exercising, writing, playing board games, watching movies, organizing photos and scrapbooking, journaling, playing music, walking around our yard or neighborhood, spending more time playing ball with our dogs and talking more with the kids and spouse.

Many seem to be getting needed tasks done – cooking, cleaning, organizing and even painting. The real go-getters are matching tupperware tops with tupperware bottoms.

We are spending our time in new ways, different ways, old ways, mixing up the past with the present. Being a little more low tech for some while others are on the internet all the time now. We’re trying to be as optimistic as we can be. Some are also getting closer to God in these uncertain times.

They keep saying that we’re all in this together and it’s true. We’re all hoping for the same thing – a cure and an end to the uncertainty. We want a healing of the economy and everyone’s health. We want to be made whole again and get back to some kind of normalcy. Normal seems like a long way away but it’s something worth fighting for and we might as well try to be productive and have a positive attitude while we are waiting for it.