Deerfield Michigan residents and others who come from all over the country for a ballsy meal are
shocked and dismayed over the recent postponement of this year’s 19th annual Testicle Festival.

The Testicle Festival, hosted by the Deerfield American Legion, had to be put on hold due to
coronavirus fears and the governor limiting crowd sizes. The festival had originally been scheduled
for March 21st and is now rescheduled for May 9th from 10 am to 10 pm.

Deerfield itself only has a population of about 1000 people but this one-day yearly event attracts
about 2500 participants. It’s the American Legion’s biggest fundraiser, selling dinners of deep-fried
cattle testicles (mountain oysters), chicken gizzards, baked beans, slaw and rolls. They also sell beer
and Testicle Festival t-shirts (wouldn’t you love to have one of those?!)

They go through more than 250 pounds of bull testicles and 150 pounds of chicken gizzards during
the festival and often sell out by 3 pm so you have to get there early.

In years past, they have also had a gun raffle table and have sold 50/50 raffle tickets.

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According to B&T magazine, the festival is a homage to the local abattoirs where workers and
farmers have been chowing down on cow’s balls for well over 50 years. They said, “Testicles were the
local delicacy of The Deerfield Tavern until its untimely demise and the American Legion simply
decided to carry on the town’s tradition.”

The festival started in the 1950’s at the tavern. The farmers would bring in their bull testicles and fry
them up for Saturday night supper.

Nick Pulver from the Deerfield American Legion says that people travel more then 500 miles to come
to the festival and that the money raised operates the Legion for the entire year.

400 cases of beer that was ordered for the festival has been diverted to the new date and the vendors
and other items are easily rescheduled but the shirts showed up in January.

Lucky for all of you, the Testicle Festival wearables can be purchased by mail. All you have to do is
call Nick at 517-447-3245 or 419-377-1339. You can send a check for the items you want plus the
shipping and he will send them out to you. Shirts are $12, sweatshirts are $17 and hoodies are $27.
He said shipping for 2 or 3 items is usually around $8.

Luckily, the testicles that were ordered can remain frozen for a few more months so the Legion won’t
lose any of the food that they need for the May festival.

Pulver is glad that the governor came out with the rules when he did concerning the number of people
who can gather together at an event, and he told the Monroe News, “we would have had 330 pounds
of cleaned and sliced testicles ready to bread and no one to eat them.”