Biden likes to tell people that Democrats choose science over fiction and he tweeted it again on
Monday. Give me a break.

How many weeks have we been listening to Democrats call people racist when they refer to
COVID-19 as a China virus? How is it anything close to science when you deny the reality of where a
virus came from?

Nancy Pelosi, in response to Republican House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy calling COVID-19 a
“chinese coronavirus” tweeted “Bigoted statements which spread misinformation and blame Asians
and the Asian American community for coronavirus makes us less safe.”

She and her Democrat friends seem to be on the side of the Chinese who are also upset about being
blamed as the ones who started the virus. Reality doesn’t exist for these people.

In order to scientifically and medically get out of a pandemic crisis, you have to identify the virus, find
out where it came from and look into its makeup so that you can find vaccines and therapies to get rid
of it. Let’s just ignore all that and give everyone jelly beans to get better.

And then, of course, there is the man-made global warming crisis. That whole fake issue is based on
a computer model and a “consensus” of scientists and made up hysteria, none of which is actually
science. But it’s good propaganda to scare people and get votes by promising to fix the problem.

Then there’s the whole issue of wildfires. Liberals don’t seem to care that the science to prevent
wildfires includes controlled burning. They prefer to react to the fires when they happen which means
massive loss of life and property.

Democrats only cite science (or the Constitution) when they can use those things to push their
political agendas. They have no real allegiance to science, facts or common sense.