The writing was on the wall that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer would be issuing some sort of
stay-at-home order this week and it happened. She was interviewed over the weekend and was
aggressively pushed towards it, asked over and over again what more she could do. Not that she
wasn’t already thinking about it.

Michigan currently has 1,328 cases with 15 deaths with 86% of he cases in Wayne, Oakland and
Macomb counties. What would be nice to track is how many people are hospitalized because cases
doesn’t equal hospitalizations and it allows Dems and the media to panic everyone and speculate on
the future instead of the present and what’s actually happening.

Whither’s speculation has her estimating that 70% of Michigan’s population will become infected
(seven million people). No one will ever hold her accountable on those numbers if or when they don’t
pan out.

The list of Whitmer’s executive orders that have come out since she declared a state of emergency
gets longer and longer. Every day we wonder what she’s going to do next. I’m hoping she’s done.
What more can she do? Tell us what room to stay in? Make us eat our vegetables?

Don’t count her out though. I’m sure there are more orders to come. Politicians drunk with power don’t
usually stop themselves from exerting that power.

She is, after all, auditioning to be Joe Biden’s vice president. He needs a woman VP candidate. He’s
said as much and the DNC gave Whitmer a resume enhancer by letting her deliver the Democratic
response to Trump’s State of the Union Address.

What you probably don’t know is that she has joined Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign as a
national co-chair so I am very leery of anything she says and does. When she complains about
Trump, it’s more likely to be a campaign ad for Biden.

With the current scare tactics coming from the left, we can now see why the Democrats and media
were pushing for the test kits to get out and it wasn’t to get a grasp on the situation. It was so they’d
have better numbers to scare people with, better numbers to let governors and mayors to lock down
their cities and make their power grabs…and better numbers to go after the president with.

At this point, the Wuhan coronavirus has become totally partisan for the Democrats and it’s part of
their election strategy. You see it in the legislation they are trying to pass, you see it on Twitter, you
see it on their news programs and you hear it from the Democrat politicians.

Their yelling and screaming is offensive and counterproductive to solving the crisis…

Trump is lying! Don’t listen to the press conferences!

We need more tax credits for windmills! That will save you!

Stay in your house! Don’t worry about the economy crashing!

Is there a potential cure? Don’t pay attention to that! It’s not real!

Trump sucks! Why isn’t Trump in a warehouse making ventilators?!!

Because the Democrats are so partisan, it is often difficult to figure out fact from fiction, who really
needs help and what the truth is. Conservatives like to operate from a base of truth and it gets harder
all the time to do that when Trump hatred rules the day.

During Whitmer’s press conference where she announced the stay-at-home order, Whitmer blamed
president Trump for not having enough masks and other supplies. But that was obviously a campaign
speech now that we know she’s all aboard the Biden train.

In addition to the supplies from the federal government, she was eventually able to get an extra four
million gloves, four million masks and thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer.

But what was Whitmer doing before that? What has she been doing for the last few months? Why
wasn’t she working on getting the needed supplies so the state is ready for the pandemic levels that
she foretells? I didn’t even hear her name mentioned when I heard about GM helping to make
ventilators. That was Trump. Why didn’t she reach out to them?

And like other Democrats, she lies about Trump telling the states that they were “on their own” to get
ventilators, respirators and personal protection equipment when he really told them to “try getting it
yourselves” if they could procure the supplies faster than the federal government. He said,
““Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves. We will be backing you, but
try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

Maybe Whitmer doesn’t understand that the government doesn’t MAKE things. They have a stockpile
and it is what it is. It’s to help states fill gaps in supplies as much as they can. If more are needed,
they have to order them. Why have a middleman and uncertainty? Do your job and get the supplies
you need for your state.

And don’t blame Trump for shortages. The reason hospitals don’t have respirator masks from the
federal government is because Obama depleted the reserve during he swine flu outbreak and didn’t
replenish the stockpile.

So it would be nice if Whitmer did her job to protect the state of Michigan and would quit campaigning
for Joe Biden. But maybe she’s too busy writing executive orders and hasn’t got the time to order
needed medical equipment.

Things are getting so bad in Michigan that there’s actually an article titled “What am I allowed to do?”

Do we even live in “America” anymore? And when this is over what will this new country look like?