Democrats with Trump Derangement Syndrome have hit a whole new low in their Trump hatred. They
don’t like the way Trump is responding to reporters questions or what he is saying so they are telling
everyone that he’s not telling Americans the truth and they are asking the networks not to carry his
press conferences live anymore.

The Democrats love censorship and with the control of the liberal news, they often get their way. They
don’t like to debate anything or let the Republicans, especially Trump, get their message out. And
they really hate being called to the carpet for their behavior and their policies. So now is just one
more time they are stomping their feet and crying.

They’ve never liked Trump’s Twitter feed, his rallies or the fact that he’s able to speak directly to the
people so they complain about him and lie about him constantly to try to even up the playing field.

This dangerous new TDS is not well advised while we’re in the middle of a pandemic and need to
hear from the government but that’s of no concern to the Democrats. They’d prefer senile senior
citizen Joe Biden to be the one leading the country and telling everyone what to do even though he
holds no political office.

The Democrat’s current behavior, porking up the latest Wuhan coronavirus bill with insane leftist
spending, is only one example of their lack of concern for the American people in these important
times. Their quest for power in a moment of crisis has them giddy, taking over their brain functions
and hoping that extortion through legislation and censorship through the media is the winning strategy
to finally get rid of Trump.

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Leftist lunatic and actor Rob “Meathead” Reiner tweeted to his followers, “He (Trump) doesn’t have
his rallies to shovel his bullshit. So he uses a Life and Death Global Health Crisis for that purpose.
Disgusting. Disgraceful.”

Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson tweeted, “The networks don’t need to cover them (press
conferences) live every day. If he ever says anything that’s both true and important, they can report it
after the fact. You’d think they would have learned their lesson about giving him free air time.”
Former senior advisor to former president Barack Obama, David Axelrod said, “What began as daily
briefings on the crisis from competent professionals has become open mic hours for Trump to spin
and gripe.”

Actor John Cusack really appears to need psychiatric assistance. He tweeted, “Interestingly words of
compassion frm trump r read from a script -he’s such a sadist – I think of absolutely innocent
immigrants migrants jailed for no reason – except using hate & fear as a political bludgeon is effective
for fascists -every death is on trump gop hands”

Other various idiots have tweeted things like, “These are not coronavirus pressers, they are political
campaign commercials to attack the Democrats and blame others to make him look better.”

A new hashtag has been started called “BoycottTrumpBriefings” where Democrats are actually asking
Americans to stop watching Trump’s coronavirus press briefings and asking networks to stop
covering the press conferences live. Lovely people as always.