Democrats can’t tell us they are concerned about saving us all from dying from COVID-19 and yet still be
unwilling to shut down the borders, whether they are southern borders or people coming into our airports
from countries with high infection rates.

Well, they can tell us that, but they’d be a hypocrite partisans if they did so – and be completely un-serious
about protecting Americans from the coronavirus outbreak. Which they are. Un-serious.

Not only are they STILL unwilling to support the closing of the southern border, 220 House Democrats
have also signed onto a bill called the “No Ban Act” to stop President Trump from issuing travel bans.

The legislation says: “No funds, resources, or fees made available to the Secretary of Homeland Security,
or to any other official of a Federal agency, by any Act of Congress for any fiscal year may be used to
implement or enforce Presidential Proclamation 9983 … which restricts the entry into the United States of
nationals of certain countries.”

Under their ingenious plan, people from China and Italy would be able to come to America. And before
Trump would be able to impose a travel ban, he would have to say “pretty please” to members of

Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to close our borders either. He said, “Isn’t it interesting that a president who
has been damaging and demonizing immigrants, the first thing that he can think about is closing down the

And who can forget Joe Biden’s famous quote the day after Trump closed down air traffic from China to
the U.S. so that the virus wasn’t brought in airplanes to our country…

Biden said, “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical
xenophobia — and fearmongering,” Biden’s buddies in China also called the move racist.

Biden and Sanders care more about letting illegals and sick people into the country in than protecting the
American people. And they’re not alone. Other Democrat politicians and their friends in the media are
politicizing the virus and Trump’s attempts to keep us safe.

The recent snarky article in Huffington Post complained about Trump and his administration referring to
the virus as the “China coronavirus.” Democrats don’t seem to care about facts or science. The virus is
from China. The Huffington Post says that “Trump clearly sees the novel coronavirus as just another
foreign invader to keep out.”

Yes, HuffPo. Yes he does. He’s working to keep the virus out of our country. I’m sorry if that bothers you.

In a press conference Thursday, Joe Biden said that labeling the virus from China is “xenophobia” and
that the travel bans are a misjudgment.

Guess he doesn’t care much about the virus spreading in our country. Biden said, “Banning travel may
‘slow’ the spread of the virus, but it will not stop it.” So slowing it down is a bad thing then?

Even though Biden and other Democrats are trying to pretend the virus isn’t from China, they are also
saying that Trump is the one not relying on facts and science.

The Democrats are unable to stop their Trump hatred even in the middle of a virus outbreak. In fact, it only
gets worse.

Their protection and preference of foreigners over Americans never ends.