By Missy Crane | February 26, 2020

Since Shep Smith left Fox News it has been a race to see who will fill his big floppy shoes.

Will it be Trump-hater Chris Wallace or TDS victim Judge Nap?

It’s hard to say since they’re both so insufferable, but I’d say Judge Nap took the prize, thanks to his nonstop shilling for President Trump’s impeachment.

Please keep in mind that Judge Nap has never been a “Constitutional expert.” He was a circuit court judge from New Jersey, for crying out loud.

However, during the impeachment sham, he became Mr. Constitution and slammed President Trump every deranged chance he got.

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But truthfully, he had been going off the rails even before the sham impeachment. President Trump lashed out at Judge Nap, saying he got a bee in his bonnet when he didn’t make Trump’s “list” of possible nominees to the SCOTUS.

Obviously, Judge Nap took a beating in terms of his popularity from that point on.

As it stands now he’s publican enemy #1 over at Fox News, but he’s working overtime to try and change that.

But buyers beware – Judge Nap still suffers from Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome – but he’s now using “Roger Stone” to try and weasel back into the good graces of Trump supporters and Fox News viewers.

Judge Nap appeared on Fox Business where he discussed the Roger Stone case and the unhinged “activist judge” presiding over it.

Here’s what he said: “This is absolutely Stalinistic!… She has gagged Stone. It is one thing to gag the defendant during a trial. You don’t want them out there talking to the press and it’s a way of communicating with the jury. There is no jury. There is no trial. He’s been convicted. He’s been sentenced. The gag serves no legitimate governmental purpose. And yet she’s enforcing it on him and his lawyers.”

You can watch the video below:

I say, proceed with extreme caution. He lost your loyalty for a reason.

If he really wants to redeem himself he should offer a public apology to President Trump for the unfair, biased, and stark-raving mad coverage he gave him during impeachment.


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