By Missy Crane | February 26, 2020

I gotta say, after being part of the MAGA movement since 2015, there are no more creative and observant people out there than Trump supporters.

I am blown away every day at the amazing things they come up with – and you see so much of the cool memes and videos they make shared by President Trump.

But it’s not only the “creative types,” it’s these really observant people who notice the” little things” that I also love.

There’s an account on Twitter that I really enjoy. It’s run by a conservative comedian and pundit named Tim Young and he found a gem while watching a Mike Bloomberg ad recently – he noticed something very amusing about the crowd.

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And when he pointed it out – I cracked up. It’s so funny! I had to keep going back and re-watching it.

Let me set it up for you real quick:

As you likely know, Mike is proudly paying people to “support” him. His online supporters are a bunch of paid bots (many were just suspended by Twitter for breaking rules regarding spam). His support is so phony that anyone who says they support Bloomberg you instantly think they’re on the payroll. The man has *zero* in terms of “grassroots” support.

Well, keep that in mind when I show you this video from Tim.

He cleverly points out that the entire crowd in the background of Mike’s campaign ad is miserable-looking.

I mean, sad “my puppy just died,” type miserable.

You can watch the video below:


EVERY LAST ONE of those poor people look as if they’ve just been told they have terminal cancer.

Not one person is even thinking about maybe, possibly cracking a tiny smile.

They all literally look like hostages being forced to hold those Bloomberg signs.

Great find, thank you, Tim!

You can follow Tim here. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


This piece originally appeared on and is used by permission.

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