By David Kamioner | February 13, 2020

Impeachment 2.0?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday used the term “abuse of power,” just as in the impeachment indictment, to describe President Trump’s actions in regards to the Roger Stone case. She referred to Trump Attorney General Bill Barr as one of the president’s “henchmen.”

She called for an investigation that could land the matter back before the House Judiciary Committee and then with the full House for a second bite at the impeachment apple.

Some Democrats are already calling for another impeachment well before the November election. Others stop short, like Pelosi, but reserve the right to conduct another impeachment after the fall election if Trump wins. More Democrats are calling for the resignation or impeachment of AG Barr.

They are likely to get none of the above as the Trump administration knows any further political drama like this will be blamed on the Democrats, just as impeachment has been, and will rebound in GOP favor.

John Kelly Defends Vindman

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Gabby former White House Chief of Staff retired USMC General John Kelly is playing politics again. This is after he has said many times that he would stay out of politics once he left the president’s service.

Kelly went after Trump Wednesday night at Drew University in New Jersey by defending the actions of Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman. Vindman testified before the House Intel Committee’s impeachment inquiry. His testimony was inconsistent and he was easily tripped up on his various versions of facts by GOP questioners on the committee.

Apparently the USMC brass hat has forgotten the military’s place in a constitutional republic. If he wants to run for office, fine. But to use his uniform and the presidential trust that went with it for partisan activities is a disgrace to the military and the oath of enlistment General Kelly once took.

North Koreans lying about coronavirus

Given there are over 60,00o people infected with the coronavirus and 59,000 of them are from China, you’d think at least some residents of a directly adjacent nation to China would have come down with it.

But the North Koreans claim not to have one case. Not one.

They are, of course, lying. They do not want to admit to the rest of the world how primitive their medical procedures are in stopping the spread of the disease. Their system is much like the system Democrats propose for this country. Perhaps those Dems should visit the North Korean-Chinese border and take a long stroll.

After all, given the superiority of socialist medicine, what could happen?

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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