By Missy Crane | February 25, 2020

So often we hear about how President Trump is “dividing the country” and that Trump supporters are causing all of this violence and hatred.

It’s simply not true. It’s actually the complete opposite.

Trump supporters are getting pummeled by these violent, unhinged liberals who are so emotionally unbalanced and deranged over the 2016 election that they can’t control themselves.

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And nowhere is that more obvious than in Oregon. Not only do they have massive Antifa violence, but also a general hatred of white people.

Case in point – a 42-year-old black woman was arrested on a “hate crime” for punching a woman at a bus stop in the face simply because she was white.

A black woman is facing hate crime charges in Oregon for allegedly attacking a mom at a bus stop while saying that she hated “white people,” court documents show.

Nimo Jire Kalinle, 42, on Jan. 19 began punching Janae Jordan in the face after getting off a bus at a stop in North Portland, where the victim had been waiting with her husband and young daughter, according to court documents obtained by The Oregonian.

“It’s because you’re white and I hate white people,” Kalinle told Jordan when the woman asked why she was attacking her, a probable cause affidavit shows.

The victim’s husband stepped in and restrained Kalinle, who is black, until cops arrived, KPTV reports. [New York Post]

You can see by this woman’s mugshot that she’s a real “happy camper.”

This is the typical lo0k of all liberals these days. They’re just the most unhappy, hate-filled group of people on the planet. There’s nothing hopeful or joyous about them or their cause.

This is yet another story that you won’t see on the mainstream fake news media. They don’t want the real truth leaking out.



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