By Missy Crane | February 26, 2020

One of the most powerful weapons being used against men today involves two words and a hashtag.


As a woman, I have concerns about the #MeToo movement.

As a woman who has been a legitimate victim of a sexual assault, I have very serious issues with the #MeToo movement.

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I don’t want to make this story about me, because it’s not – it’s about a man named Mike Tunison who I will tell you about shortly.

But I just want to go on the record and say that I don’t believe the vast majority of women who use the #MeToo movement to tell their so-called stories of sexual assault. I just don’t. They don’t ring true to me. Furthermore, I believe that the #MeToo movement has made a mockery and circus out of real victims and is used as a weapon of “revenge” by most of the women who engage with #MeToo.

#MeToo is social Marxism. It’s just another way for other people to control your speech and your actions. It’s the “feminist” version of political correctness.

The liberals sold everyone on the hashtag and movement by saying it was a way to help save innocent women from perverted ogres.  Awww. How wonderful. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, next thing you know some guy is being accused of “sexual assault” for telling co-worker Sally that she looked lovely in her navy blue power suit, 23 years ago.

The #MeToo movement has turned everyday women into a collective mob of banshees, with everyone rushing to undo all of those “bad decisions” and erase all those yucky feelings of shame and regret by placing all of the blame on some poor drunk lug from a house party 33 years ago.


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That kind of power in the wrong hands can be a life-changer.

Just ask Mike Tunison.

Mike Tunison is a victim of the #MeToo movement. He was wrongly accused of “piggish” behavior by an anonymous person and it totally destroyed his entire life.

An anonymous woman added Mike’s name to a list of “Sh*tty Media Men.” So basically it’s a hit-list of men who worked in media that women didn’t like for any hormonal reason under the sun.

Got it.

On the website, Mike’s name was listed and he was next to his name was: stalker, physical intimidation, and harassment.


For the life of me, I couldn’t begin to explain how I went from having a life and career I felt proud of, to being publicly shamed by my peers and punished for things I didn’t do.

In October 2017, I was one of roughly 70 men included in the ­Sh-tty Media Men list, a crowdsourced spreadsheet of anonymous, unvetted allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. No words can describe my astonishment at finding myself accused of “harassment,” “stalking” and “physical intimidation.” Even more agonizing was seeing this supposedly private listing swiftly leaked to the public via several major online media outlets as well as social media.

The damage to my career seemed equally swift. In the decade leading up to the list, my work was regularly published by more than a dozen outlets. After the leak, that work screeched to a stop. Today, I write for only one outlet I previously contributed to; income that covers only a few smaller bills. I’ve applied for hundreds of office jobs in an effort to avoid a bankruptcy that could hurt family members whose finances are linked to mine.

Most days, it’s difficult to envision a path back to a decent life.


There is no shame in being a janitor. However, if you’re a janitor because the #MeToo mob wrongly destroyed your writing career, that is shameful.

And that’s what happened to Mike. He was a freelance writer and he worked for WAPO and now he’s a janitor at Dave & Buster’s, can’t pay his bills, and has been shunned by is entire industry.

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Mike denies the claims written about him and I believe hin, but I don’t care if this guy was a “male chauvinist,” he doesn’t deserve to have his entire life ruined because of it.

My story is noteworthy only because I’m one of the least powerful men to have been publicly accused in the #MeToo era. What makes this event intolerable isn’t just that the allegations against me are false. It’s that I have no idea who made them.

When the list was created, I’d been freelancing exclusively for two years. Of all media jobs, freelancing may be the least powerful. It’s extremely easy, and far from uncommon, for the editors on whom freelancers depend for their livelihoods to brush them off without explanation. Not one editor asked me about the list’s allegations. I just stopped getting work.

Almost immediately after the list’s release, a close friend of 10 years cut me off and hasn’t spoken to me since. Day after day, I’m tortured by the thought that even more people will learn of the allegations. Too often, I’ve found myself hanging out with friends as the discussion turned to celebrities being #MeToo’d, and been incapable of revealing what happened to me.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve dated. Working three low-paying jobs means I’m always busy — and broke. Plus, any woman who does the usual, predate research online could stumble upon the list. How could I ­explain it away? [New York Post]

I am sickened that some half-crocked woman can upload a man’s name to a website and write whatever she “feels” about him under the cloak of anonymity and it’s taken as the “Gospel truth” because we’re told we must “believe all women.”

Uh, no thanks.

I’m a woman and I can tell you right now, I rarely believe other women and for good reason. They lie. A lot.

I encourage you to read Mike’s entire story here. It’s worth the read and this poor man deserves all the support he can get.


This piece originally appeared on and is used by permission.

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