It seems someone sending a package from Canada must have lost their minds when they decided to ship a human brain into The United States. The odd package was discovered in Port Huron, Michigan and has triggered a few headaches since.

Apparently sending gray matter into America is legal but requires some greenbacks and several forms to be filled out for the Centers for Disease Control. According to WKBW those on the other side of the border were not using their heads when they chose to ship the brain. The manifest listed the oddity as an “Antique Teaching Specimen”.

When Customs and Border Patrol pried open the package- they didn’t know quite what to think. There was a human brain sitting in an old mason jar.

According to the report it is a serious matter, “individuals looking to import shipments such as this, need to remember that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a strict Import Permit Program that must be adhered to”, so said Area Port Director Michael Fox. Fox said it is just another example of how law enforcement like Customs and Border Patrol protects the nation every day.

It’s not clear where the brain is now but you can be sure some folks are putting their heads together to solve the problem.