By Baruch Pletner | February 13, 2020

All Democrats want the destruction of the American Republic. It so happens that the two currently best positioned to achieve that goal are Jews.

The endless ones and zeros that are now being spilled to cover the Democratic presidential primary are united in one aspect: they all ignore the rather bizarre fact that two old Jews, Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg have most of the energy and the money in the race. The two share much in their backgrounds and are much more alike than meets the eye. What makes them even more alike, however, is their ultimate goal, the destruction of the American Constitutional Republic.

Starting from rather similar beginnings, the paths that the two gentlemen took to the present day could hardly be more different. Both are Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, just like me. Bloomberg is a second generation immigrant, Sanders, first. Bloomberg grew up lower middle class in the Boston area. Sanders poor in New York City. So far, there is not much difference in the initial conditions. But as soon as they were able to affect their own fates, their two paths began to rapidly diverge.

Sanders was the perennial underachiever, a lazy bum who never wanted to put his formidable intellect to work until he found out that his gift of gab combined with a modicum of charisma and some regurgitated bolshevik dogma could make him a comfortable living in American politics, first local then federal.

Bloomberg took a much more traditionally Jewish overachieving path. An Eagle Scout, a top student at top universities, a financier with top firms, he amassed one of the greatest fortunes on earth and only then, when the pursuit of riches had become irrelevant, turned to the pursuit of power via politics.

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This is the surface analysis. A deeper analysis shows that both Jewish men had become successful doing substantially the same thing: duping Americans, the vast majority of them by necessity Gentile into giving them their hard-won money. When the chips are down, neither man has created anything of any lasting value. Unlike people like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, both of whom have comparable fortunes to that of Mr. Bloomberg, neither Sanders nor Bloomberg have changed our world in any measurable way whatsoever. Bloomberg’s financial reporting business provided, no doubt, a valuable service to investors by pioneering the use of certain digital technologies, but had he not come along, nothing would have been in the least different about how business is done in America.

In politics, both men were remarkable in their inability to affect any change whatsoever. Sanders is one of the least consequential senators in American history and Bloomberg simply coasted on Rudy Giuliani’s coattails of law and order and keeping corruption to within reasonable limits.

The ease with which both men have achieved power and wealth and more than that, the way they did it, taught both of them a valuable lesson. That lesson was simple and it very well jived with their preexisting bias against those possessed of what they consider an inferior intellect, i.e. most Americans and certainly most (though not all) Gentiles.

This lesson brought Sanders and Bloomberg, two men who started at the same place and time, but who had seen their paths diverge, back together again. They found themselves, late in life, convinced that the American people simply lacked the minimal mental acuity to govern themselves as set forth in the American Constitution. Both men had become convinced that the most powerful polity on earth, one capable of both sustaining and destroying the planet and all of humanity was governed by people who were woefully incapable of making decisions that were not disastrously, irredeemably wrong.

Both men had become convinced that the reigns of power had to be yanked away from the American people and given to the exclusive custody of a carefully selected meritocracy. In other words, both Sanders and Bloomberg had become convinced that the American Constitution and the American Republic to which it had given birth must die.

The only thing on which Sanders and Bloomberg differ is the entrance exam to the ruling meritocracy. Sanders, like all communist ideologues, wishes for the entrance exam to be an ideological one. Only fervent believers in the toxic cocktail of communist and bolshevik dogmas updated for the postmodern globalist world need apply. Hence the selection of his top surrogates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Linda Sarsour. This is the early Soviet model of government.

Bloomberg’s selection committee would be much more aligned with the traditional Chinese model of meritocracy. His deputies would have to be his own clones, mini-mini-Mikes, if you like, with degrees from Harvard and combined 1600 scores on their SAT’s.

The final result, however, is not different at all. Both Sanders and Bloomberg envision an America in which elections are only used to gage the broad mood of the electorate, if even that. Both will cement the position of the deep state as the only seat of real power in America and use the branches of government enumerated in the Constitution, be it the Judicial, the Legislative, or the Executive as the loyal enforcers of the will of the deep staters.

Now it is worth mentioning that this vision for America is already in place and that it is supported by all Democrats running in the primary, not just by the two old Jews. As the details of Roger Stone’s trial are coming to the fore, it is easy to see that his trial was rigged against him in a way that would put any Soviet or Chinese kangaroo court to shame. From the prosecution to the defense, from the judge to the jury, there was not a single person who took part in that sham of a trial who had any intention of making it fair and affording Mr. Stone even the appearance of his constitutional rights.

Neither is the picture any better on the Republican side of the aisle. Elected Republicans make occasional weak attempts to appear as if they care about the American Republic and the freedom of its citizens only because they rely on those who, through some vague genetic memory of what it used to mean to be really free, still love freedom and because the only American politician who really cares about America, president Trump, is shining a bright light on their nefarious attempts to sell out.

“A Goyische Kopf” my grandmother used to refer to Gentiles, a “Gentile head” literally, meaning simply a dimwit. I have no doubt that that is a sentiment that Mike Bloomberg has in spades. Bernie Sanders? Not so much. Their Jewishness is at once relevant and irrelevant to their hatred of freedom. It is relevant because while their parents and grandparents had long since left the stetl, the small Jewish town on the fringes of the Russian Empire, the stetl had never really left them. It is irrelevant because there are plenty of Gentiles of diverse backgrounds, including those whose ancestors came on the Mayflower, who hate freedom with no less of a burning passion.

All we know is that the freedom haters, Jews and Gentiles alike, must be defeated at the polls and in the American culture if the American Constitutional Republic is to survive.

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