By David Kamioner | February 27, 2020

I’m sitting in the bar at the Gaylord…ahem…cough…Convention Center at National Harbor this Thursday morning, waiting for the fun to start after the Veep leaves at 1:30.

Not that I don’t like Pence, he’s nifty. But it’ll be rah rah stuff that every other conservative media outlet will report as the word from almost on high. Given it’s kind of inbred media coverage, conservatives talking about conservatism to other conservatives, LifeZette will go a different route.

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The first thing you notice is how well groomed everyone is. It’s the only event I know where my normal business attire makes me look like a dirty hippie.

And the females here? Exquisite. Conservative women are so much better looking than their leftist counterparts. Also, you’ve never seen so many strands of pearls on women under 25.

As for guys, I think I’m the only man left in the Free World that carries a briefcase without a shoulder strap. As for grown men in suits wearing backpacks? Uh, no.

Being with the press here is also interesting, as most consider me hostile until they meet me. Then they’re sure I’m hostile.

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Not really. I just explain that yes, I’m one of those biased press people who spin the news. But I do it for the Right. So it’s okay. Then they buy me a drink.

We’ll do conventional convention coverage after Pence leaves and the exhibition hall, kind of like a right wing petting zoo, opens up at 1:30.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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