By David Kamioner | February 27, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, went after former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg with a sharpened cudgel Wednesday night on “The Sean Hannity Show.”

After Hannity played video of some of Bloomberg’s worst statements, revealed as of late, de Blasio commented, “Oh, sure, Sean. Thank you for playing that for your millions of viewers, because now more people get to see who Mike Bloomberg really is.”

De Blasio was just warming up on Bloomberg.

“He’s totally out of touch with the people of his own city when he says that. It’s derogatory, it’s unfair, it’s not truthful. But on top of that, what happened? It made it harder for the police and the community to communicate and be on the same page.”

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On Bloomberg the candidate?

“When you watch Michael Bloomberg on that debate stage, he’s got no clue what everyday people are going through. He doesn’t care to know. When he was mayor here, if you tried to talk about what’s happening in neighborhoods, what was happening to everyday people, all he could think about was that elite he comes from.”

Now we all know de Blasio is talking nonsense, as did Hannity. But we should be happy to let him do it if it makes the incipient Democrat civil war go from lukewarm to hot.

It’s sad Bloomberg is so bad at communicating his message or he could compare his record to de Blasio’s and come out a winner.

But typical of the Bloomberg media message is a radio spot I heard this morning in the DC media market. It’s a series of women unctuously telling the listener how wonderful Bloomberg is to women. Which, of course, reminds you of all the controversy around how he really was to women who worked for him.

Perhaps he should stop spending so much on any media and start spending smart with an effective message.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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