Today, democrats are left to wonder, how did this happen? How did an angry Socialist from a tiny state hijack our entire political party? The bigger problem now is they cannot do anything about it without doing even more considerable structural damage to what’s left.

Bernie Sanders cruised to an easy victory in the Democratic Nevada Caucuses on Saturday. His percentage of support is somewhere around 47%. That means the cantankerous, old man actually outperformed the expectations. Those expectations were frightening enough for the old guard and the establishment power brokers. Now they have a house fire and not much water pressure to fight back.

This is of Democrats own doing. They have sometimes promoted, often supported and always tolerated far-left views that would be better presented in the world’s last remaining communist nations rather in a mainstream American Party. It makes you wonder if Joe McCarthy wasn’t actually onto something in Hollywood and elsewhere during the Red Scare of the 1950’s.

The Democrats have openly promoted ideas about America being a bad place where the deck is stacked against everyone except the elite and the privileged. They have condemned America as a racist place where the Klan is hiding behind almost every tree and a place where women are living like second class citizens.

Those on the left have used their resources in the media and in political offices to declare America a terrible place that basically needs to be torn down in order for us to get it right. We must rip statues from the public square and scour our books to remove references to major historical figures, otherwise we run the risk of hurting peoples feelings.

These same would-be-masters-of-the-universe have taken it upon themselves to demonize success and to frame anyone with any modicum of wealth as a cheat. You simply cannot have succeeded in America unless you stole from your neighbors and used it for your own selfish interests. They have roared that these people must be punished.

They galvanize support for their conceived notions under the banners of the rich must pay their fair share. We must make everyone equal and that means even if we have to tax people into oblivion.

No one has the right to offend anyone they say, so we must abolish hate speech. We must cleanse the world of any image, or word or expression that might offend anyone. Well, that is except white men that believe in Jesus and follow Christian principles. They are free game to be attacked every day.

They scream that police officers are killers of children of color. They are racism personified. They are not to be trusted and must be brought down.

Criminals are people that have been misunderstood and deserve second, third and fourth chances. It doesn’t matter what is true. It only matters how you feel.

Democrats and the media demand America must open its borders to everyone and that every person on the planet is somehow covered by The United States Constitution and Treasury.

You see your rights and your money are not yours at all and besides you must have lied, cheated and stolen to get any of those things anyway.

These are several of the pages of the Democrat play book. They repeat these points like they are signing from a hymnal written by Karl Marx himself. They are not even ashamed anymore. In fact they embrace being called Socialists, Liberals and yes even Communists.

So why are they so panicked now that Bernie Sanders is running away with the race to become the Democrats nominee for President? I mean after all he is the epitome of everything you have been talking about my entire life.

Democrats, are you telling me that you have been lying this whole time? Are you telling me you have been creating a narrative about how awful things are just so you can line your pockets with cash and keep an iron grip on as much power as possible? Yes, is the answer you are looking for because if not you would be throwing all of your support to the one candidate you created; Bernie Sanders.

By the way I have known for quite a while you were lying- most of us figured that out long ago. We are not nearly as helpless as you lead yourselves to believe.

Your rejection of Bernie isn’t a surprise either but how are you going to tell all of those young people you indoctrinated with the poisonous thoughts about Socialism and the evils of America that none of it was true? Will they even believe you?

Well, just like its too late to stop Bernie- its also too late to clean up the mess from decades upon decades of your dirty lying. Don’t worry however, I am willing to start cleaning up and so are millions of other hard-working Americans.

We will get started on this massive project on November 3rd 2020!