By Taylor Day | January 18, 2020

Fencing corrals have been constructed to herd Monday’s demonstrators attending the pro-gun rally.

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“Freedom cages” have been set up in Richmond, Virginia ahead of the pro-gun rally scheduled for Monday. The idea is that by putting thousands of protestors expressing their grievances with the dystopian gun laws in Virginia inside of an inescapable cage together, absolutely nothing could go wrong.

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The free speech cages have been arranged by Führer Blackface and his government that clearly loves the people they represent.

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A fenced off area completing a full cage as now been installed around the Capitol Square building. Just as the Framers intended, the right to free speech shall be exercised in a quarantined area, protestors shall be frisked by security guards and searched with metal detectors. Oh, and there’s only one exit in case anything goes wrong.

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The Rook” has also been seen in Richmond, known as a Critical Incident Armored Vehicle.

Who would you vote for in the 2024 Presidential Election?

The left doesn’t like cages…unless they’re holding conservatives.

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National Guard troops and a heavy law enforcement presence have also been spotted around Richmond this weekend.

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Northam has even managed to get the FAA to issue temporary flight restrictions by designating two nautical miles of airspace above the capitol building in Richmond as “National Defense Airspace” until after Tuesday. The FAA’s temporary ban also includes civilian drones.

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This is a textbook rock-and-hard-place scenario. The citizens of Virginia have been knocked down at every attempt to combat Northam’s tyranny. Voting laws and the way those votes are counted are changing to favor Democrats. Even requirements to petition a recall of the governor have stiffened.

The courts are useless.  A Richmond Circuit Court judge on Thursday denied a bid from gun-rights activists to halt Gov. Coonman’s temporary gun ban for Capitol Square ahead of Monday’s rally.

Even the mainstream media is doing Governor Northam’s grunt work to ensure that people associate pro-gun activist with violence by designating them as “extremists.”

How exactly are the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia even supposed to do anything “peacefully” when their own government treats them as the enemy and fights them at every turn?
When they’ve used every possible avenue but extreme violence to get their own state’s government to not violate their constitutional rights, what options are left?

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

-Ben Franklin

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