By CD Media Staff | January 14, 2020

PayPal Blocks Payments For Book On Iranian Resistance Movement Pushing To Bring Down Mullahs

Deep State Big Tech is working hard to push the pro-Iran narrative. Yesterday, upon the release of a new book detailing the past four decades of the Iranian Resistance, and how the US Government prevented regime change for decades in Iran, PayPal began blocking transactions for purchases of the work.

Obviously, there are no ‘US Government’ regulations preventing anyone from writing a book about anything, save intelligence non-disclosures of which we are party to none.

Book Launch: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE IRANIAN RESISTANCE – The People’s Mujahideen Of Iran

PayPal says they may release the funds within 72 hours. We will wait and see; but, in the meantime, this seems like a violation of the First Amendment to us.

The good thing is you can still pre-order the book with crypto!

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