By CD Media Staff | January 21, 2020

Markets Sell Off On Chinese Virus Scare, Boeing Drops On 737 Max Delay
Undelivered Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that were grounded by aviation agencies, seen at parking lot at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington
Image by SounderBruce

Financial markets sold off today as concerns the coronavirus originating in China had made its way to the United States. Reports have at least six people dead in China due to the disease.

In addition, Boeing announced that it would be the middle of 2020 before one of its flagship products, the 737 Max, will be returned to certification and deliveries could start once again. This development also weigh on equity indices.

Boeing was down 20 points on the news but at publication has covered much of the loss. Recently reports surfaced that Warren Buffet, the famous value investor, was accumulating a position.

President Trump in Davos at the World Economic Forum touted economic nationalism and his administration’s achievements for the American economy

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