By Missy Crane | January 24, 2020

Boy, Chris Cuomo really stepped in it big time today on Twitter.

The CNN fake news peddler and low-ratings king thought he was going to set those mean ol’ “Trumpers” straight about going after teen climate bully Greta Thunberg, but instead, he ended up getting so much backlash that it trended #1 on Twitter.

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Apparently Cuomo forgot that he and his garbage news network attacked Nick Sandmann and the #CovintonBoys to the point where they ended up getting sued and just recently settled with the teenager.

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Here’s the tweet that landed Cuomo hot water:

I mean, does this guy have even a sliver of self-awareness?

He says “Why do these trumpers think it is ok to go at a kid?” after he and CNN absolutely trashed young boys who were on a field trip with their school.

Nick Sandmann and the #CovingtonBoys weren’t angrily lecturing the world on the “weather” while making nasty and absurd demands of world leaders.


They were on a class trip to see Washington, D.C. minding their own business when CNN and Chris decided to try and ruin their lives.

Big difference, Chris.

And you can bet the internet told him where he could stuff his hypocrisy.

“Greta talks about climate change on the international stage. Nick Sandmann smirked. Which one does CNN think is okay to “go at”?”

It’s been just two weeks since CNN settled up with Nick Sandmann. But Fredo has never had much of an attention span.

I happen to think it was much worse when Cuomo’s colleague @CNN said Nick Sandmann had a punchable face, how CNN paid a settlement for smearing Nick with a hoax and how Cuomo said it would be intolerant for a 12 yr old girl to not want to see a penis in her locker room.”

“So it’s only okay for CNN to go after kids if they’re named Nick Sandmann?”

Fredo, Your old colleague @CNN posted this about a kid having a punchable face and your employer paid a settlement to that kid for smearing him with the hoax media perpetrated against him. All Mnuchin did was point out her lack of economic expertise. Which is worse? Hypocrisy.

“Who did your network just settle a lawsuit with again?”

“Greta is a public figure BY CHOICE. Barron is a kid going to school minding his own business, Fredo.”

“keep banging that drum”

“Why do these socialist humpers think it’s ok to exploit a kid?”

“Maybe she was wearing an unacceptable ball cap. Or smirking. Maybe it’s that, Chris.”

“”Wow, I’m outta here” – Self-awarenews”

“Baron Trump”

“Why do the Left think it’s ok to use naive children as human shields? Oh, and Nick says hi.”

“If they go after you, you threaten to beat them up, Fredo.”

“Your network had to pay a settlement to a 17-year-old for smearing him as a racist for smirking”


This piece originally appeared on and is used by permission.

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