It has been argued that the Speech and Debate Clause of Article 1, Section 6 to the U.S. Constitution is why members of Congress can apparently say anything they want without fear of civil or criminal prosecution.  While generally this is true, it has been argued that an exemption to the rule does not apply to a charge of “breach of peace”.  Which, as defined is:

Breach of the peace. n. any act which disturbs the public or even one person. It can include almost any criminal act causing fear or attempting intimidation, such as displaying a pistol or shouting inappropriately.

Now, here are the questions:  Why can Representative Waters shout out to “RESIST”?  How can Representative Schiff proudly and publicly state he is a member of the “RESISTANCE”?  Why can Representative Pelosi call the President an “IMPOSTER” in a National and Worldwide Forum?  Are these not all examples of “disturbing the public or even one person”?  Are they not attempting to “intimidate” The Public, The President, and other members of Congress?

Understand; I am not a legal or constitutional scholar, lawyer or even a paralegal.  I am just one American who has based his own life decisions and understandings in logical, legal, and morale beliefs.  This has served me well for 67 years as a citizen of The United States which included almost 20 years of service in our Armed Forces.

These are just a few questions I have asked myself and others.  MAYBE we all should be asking the same questions of ourselves and our elected officials.  It is time to become more aware of what is happening with those with whom we have honored with our votes.  And yes, Representative Adam Schiff: “WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS”, as you so dramatically stated at the close of your Impeachment Inquiry.  We just don’t agree with whom you are referring to!

Mike Holland, Levering, MI