We are well into the sixth day of no internet in Iran. Nearly no communication with the outside world. Almost no reporting on the unarmed people of Iran walking into bullets in the name of freedom. An act most Americans can barely comprehend and, based on the lack of media coverage, most probably don’t even know it’s happening. The Iranian people want their basic human rights. Are we too far removed from persecution in the U.S. to understand the evil in this world? I have to wonder why we don’t see news anchors across the country calling on the UN to protect the sanctity of human life but… I don’t. In fact, I don’t hear a word about Iran; because we are too preoccupied with our own freedom. The contrast is stark.

In fact, American arguments cement just how free we are in this country. On any given day, American people are fighting over which flags should fly at government buildings, which bathrooms people can use, the right way to protect our border, who should speak at our college campuses, etc. Why do we openly battle these topics? Because “we the people” rule our nation. And quite simply humans beings don’t always agree. Fortunately, in America you will not be executed if you disagree.

Here is the debate. Does our concern for people, protection, and basic human rights extend beyond our borders? The internet has been down in Iran for 5 days, but I can barely find an article or a news report about it. Let’s be clear, the internet didn’t just go out, there wasn’t a lighting strike or an electromagnetic pulse. The terrorist regime in charge of Iran pulled the plug.  They disrupted the connection to the outside world because the mullahs don’t want us to watch them slaughter their own people. We have irrefutable proof that more than 250 people have been executed by the fascist lunatic in the driver’s seat. Go fight him, Antifa. Certainly, the number is higher; but there is little to no communication coming in or out of Iran. Most of these deaths are children, teenagers fighting for freedom shot dead by snipers, young men and women murdered by their dictator; but the media is silent. There are 3700 wounded. The dead mostly shot through the head or chest, because snipers aren’t shooting into crowds to protect the country. Snipers sit on rooftops to take a calculated shot knowing their victims will not survive. These cowards in Iran took their shot to end the life of unarmed teenage boys and girls. Mothers and fathers are not even allowed to have the body of the child who was stolen by a madman. Where are the feminists? Where are the human rights activists? When will those who fight to the death over single use plastics, bleed over these executions by the most cowardly men in the world?

Cowards are interesting, aren’t they? It seems they are always victims of the Peter Principle. They were put in a position of power, and ultimately, their incompetence starts hanging out in the breeze for all to see. Dictators like Ali Khamenei can’t stand to be so naked to the world. However, there’s nothing like a giant missile to cover all your inadequacies. Yes, cowards always hide behind weapons; and Khamenei wants to be hiding behind the worst weapon known to mankind, a nuclear weapon. Isn’t that always the case? The most pathetic of men like the look of a big gun? If Khamenei wasn’t a weasel, he would invite the world to see what he is doing in his country. Strong men don’t pull the drapes and beat their wives, and yet, this is what he does to his countrymen as the world sits in silence.

Executions were not a final step after months of endless protests. The dictator cut off internet access within 24 hours of the demonstrations. As soon as communication was cut, the regime began executing unarmed protestors. You can see these realities on Twitter from the few messages that have escaped the country. Masih Alinejag tweeted this message from an Iranian in Isfahan, “We didn’t have weapons. This was the first day of the protest and nobody vandalized buildings or banks. Yet, the security forces still used live bullets on people.”

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In the early hours of Thursday morning, there was an uptick in internet connectivity; and some messages went through on Whatsapp. One woman shared this message on Twitter, “It’s been 5 minutes the internet has connected….You don’t know what they’ve done to the people.”

Sadly, the reality is we do not know; because this fascist regime has blocked our view through the drapes they have pulled.

If you follow the hashtags #Freedom4Iran, #Internet4Iran, and #IranProtests on Twitter you will see brave Iranians pleading with the world to step in and stop the bloodshed. There are also those who honor the martyrs and share the horrific truths of the human rights violations committed by this evil regime composed of weak minded men. Afshin Motevalli shared the names of the men, women, and children confirmed dead; perhaps, believing if the world can humanize the victims they will fight for the survivors.

Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the MEK, the Iranian opposition movement in calling on the UN to protect the people she one day hopes to lead. “The UN Security Council must declare the regime’s leaders as criminals committing crimes against humanity. They must face justice for this massive suppression and bloodshed.”

Perhaps, the folks in Washington can take a break from political wedgies in the halls of Congress long enough to ask the world to stop a mass murderer, who inches ever closer to wielding a nuclear weapon with every breath we take.  With that I say, I stand with the people of Iran, and freedom for all peoples.