The release of a Project Veritas video exposing ABC News anchor Amy Robach’s angry rant that her story about Jeffrey Epstein got buried three years ago raises serious questions about who the news department may have actually been protecting.

It is also the latest example of a news media in America that has lost its way and will fight for agendas over truth.

Robach was caught on a hot mic during an event in Times Square in August of 2019. Robach is seen talking to others off camera and appears to have had no idea she was being recorded.

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During her extended comments she describes getting a coveted interview with a woman who had been in hiding for 12 years who had pictures and connected Epstein to “powerful men” including former President Bill Clinton. Epstein who was found dead in his jail cell on August 10th is considered one of the most prolific serial pedophiles on record. Accusations from scores of woman and young girls say Epstein and his wealthy friends would procure underage girls and force them to perform a variety of sexual acts.

Epstein owned a pair of islands in the Caribbean and routinely flew on his jet known as ‘The Lolita Express’ to the islands. One of the islands has come to be known as ‘Pedophile Island’ because of the things that would occur there.

Among Epstein’s powerful friends were Prince Andrew and President Clinton. Robach said pressure came from the Royal Family to kill the story when it was learned she had been working on an in depth story about Epstein and his

ABC News has issued a statement which defends the decision to dump the story by contending it did not meet it’s journalistic standards; which is funny considering this is the same news outfit that just a couple of weeks ago used footage of a Kentucky gun range and passed it off as video from the Turkey and Syria border claiming it showed Kurds being killed in a firefight.

You also have to consider who else may have been protected if a story was the focus of a catch and kill by ABC News. Catch and kill is the practice of getting a story and then making sure it never sees the light of day. Often times it comes with a check for the person going on the record- to keep them quite going forward. There is no word on whether or not Virginia Roberts was paid by ABC or its parent company Disney.

What is really curious is the timing of ABC’s decision outlined in Robach’s on camera comments. She says the story was killed “three years” ago. That would place the time around August of 2016 and right in the middle of a very heated battle for The White House.

If Robach is accurate in her comments and there is no reason to believe she is not, then Hillary Clinton would have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of any Jeffrey Epstein story going away. In fact, with the Presidency in the balance she may have had the most to gain.

Can you imagine the intense spotlight on former President Clinton and the former First Lady if Robach had been allowed to do her expose’ on the powerful pedophiles and their victims? And what if Roberts really does have pictures to back up all of her allegations about what she saw on pedophile island? What if she has more?

Yes, there is much more to learn but for ABC it is just another really bad week in the newsroom where fiction is passed off as fact and facts are buried deep to protect the powerful and seemingly guilty.