Jewish voters in America have been one of the most reliable voting blocks for Democrats going back decades. The Jewish population is only between two and three percent nationwide, but it is critical because there are important concentrations of Jews in pivotal battleground states. The significance of even small shifts in these voting groups cannot be overstated in a nation so closely divided politically.

In fact the 2020 Presidential race could turn on such a key shift.

Donald Trump has been a champion for Israel from the day he took office. The anti-Semitic comments coming from freshmen members of Congress like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have been largely ignored by other Democrats and certainly the news media.

However, many Democrats I have been talking to are calling it a game changer and lifelong Democrats I know say they are walking away from the Party they call an embarrassment. Its not just that anti-Semitic comments are allowed to fly but Democrats in leadership positions remain silent. Many are also very disgusted with the luke-warm comments from Jewish organizations they say should be taking a hard line against the so-called Squad.

This could be a very big deal. If there is a move away from Democrats of the very reliable blue vote of Jewish Americans, it could trigger something much bigger. It could help Republicans win in key districts by narrow margins. The reason is simple, Jewish voters are concentrated in key areas of battleground states. For example Jews represent nearly 2% of the population in Colorado, 3% in Florida, 2.5% in Nevada, almost 2% in Virginia and 2.3% in Pennsylvania. Several other states including Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire have enough Jewish residents to swing the vote into Trumps column as well.

So consider the fact that if Trump puts some states he narrowly lost into the win column like Colorado, Nevada and Virginia he could roll up much bigger numbers than before.

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The President weighed in by saying he couldn’t believe we are even having this conversation.

Despite the frantic spin of the media and Democrats to label President Trump as an Anti-Semite, my Jewish contacts feel the very same way and are considering a new Party come November 2020.