When other people have sex Democrats are demanding you pay for it no matter what they decide to do next.

But wait, before anyone has sex but thinks they might Democrats want you to buy birth control pills and condoms. They say it is the right thing to do and refusing is akin to being racist because most people who cannot afford to get such things on their own are poor and usually people of color. This is an argument that is used ad nauseum by those on the left when they say you must pay for other people’s really bad decisions.

Let me give you a few examples.

If other people have sex and catch a sexually transmitted disease Democrats think you should pick up the tab for their healthcare. They will obviously need to battle the illness and it is your responsibility to help them do that.

How can that possibly be true you may ask. Simple, because everyone deserves Universal Healthcare or Medicare for all. It is a human right and you are required to provide it. Never mind that we have millions of Americans including decorated veterans that don’t get the same consideration today from the left.

Let’s be perfectly clear; Universal Healthcare means taking care of other people who have sex and are exposed to Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes and a host of other prevalent sexually transmitted diseases, even HIV. You are required to pick up the tab even though you already paid for condoms to prevent such a catastrophe in the first place.

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Come on, these people cannot be expected to be responsible for their own actions. What is wrong with you?

The range of treatment options can be as simple as one series of anti-biotics or it could mean a lifetime of anti-viral medications to a complex strategy to stay alive after contracting HIV to avoid full blown AIDS. The cost to the system is measured in the tens of billions of dollars as the infection rate for many of these illnesses has reached epidemic proportions in recent years.

If other people have sex and a baby is conceived it becomes your financial responsibility too according to Democrats.

If the mother decides she doesn’t want to keep the child then you will be required to cough up the money for an abortion. This is true no matter what moral objections you may have to killing a baby. Democrats believe that taxpayers are responsible for covering the actions of anyone and everyone else. If you object you are once again pushed into the corner and labeled as a racist bigot or misogynist. After all, as we have been told time and time again- the majority of “women in trouble” live in ‘disadvantaged poor communities’ or ‘communities at risk’ and are primarily women of color. To deny them a ‘free’ taxpayer funded abortion amounts to a 21 st Century Jim Crow law and outright racism. If you object on moral grounds you are most likely a ‘far-right Christian zealot’.

If other people have sex and decide they want to keep the baby, Democrats say it is your responsibility to take care of that baby for the rest of his or her life. In fact, they demand that too.

If other people have sex and have little means to support themselves then you will begin by picking up the tab for mom’s pre-natal care. Whether or not the parents- assuming the father is still around, take good care of themselves or not, Democrats demand you take care of the bill. High risk babies can come into the world at a cost of well more than $1 Million dollars and that’s on those who chip in and pay taxes by working and investing every day. The parents are not required to lift one finger if they don’t want to. Who are you to say otherwise?

Under the Democrats its also your responsibility to pay for early child development, child care, breakfast, lunch and of course dinner. You are required to pay for clothing, more doctor’s visits and when its time college for the little tikes as well.

In fact, under the Democrats plan for a ‘better America’ other people can have sex pretty much anywhere in the world, under any circumstances and it’s your responsibility to pay the bill for everything that follows. Democrats for the most part support sanctuary cities, the elimination of Immigration and Custom Enforcement and the Border Patrol. In addition nearly every single Democrat running for President right now says illegal aliens should get Universal Healthcare like everyone else. It’s a ‘Human Right’ if you have already forgotten.

So you see if other people have sex, it is your responsibility to pay for that no matter what the outcome and no matter where they are from and honestly what you think really doesn’t matter. Of course, there is no explanation whatsoever of how to pay for such things and why worry about that anyway? It’s just money and we can print plenty of that. Just ask the Democrats who believe Modern Monetary Policy means we can print ourselves out of any financial jam.

And seriously any objections from you means you are most likely a privileged, white, bigoted American who has the nerve to believe in God and personal responsibility.

The bottom line? Well, this is what I would call really getting screwed by Democrats!

Oh, did I mention it’s also your responsibility to pay for people who want to change their gender, so they can be more comfortable when they have sex with other people you don’t know? It’s true but that is a story for another day.