Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s work is done. His report was sent to Attorney General William Barr for review. In less than 48 hours Barr released a four-page letter detailing the high points of the investigation—all you need to know is this: Mueller found no evidence, none, of any collusion, collaboration or connection between Donald Trump’s campaign for President and Russia. Mueller found no connection between Russia and anyone in Trump’s orbit at all. Furthermore, Mueller could not establish any obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump or anyone in his circle. Period. Finally, there are not more indictments to come and there are no sealed indictments to come any time in the future.

To put it simply—The Witch Hunt is over!

A few notes on the death of the greatest hoax in American history- a hoax perpetrated by those hiding behind the curtain- waist deep in the stench of the deep state- and powered by the puppets on every left of center television network and newspaper in America.

Will they apologize for pushing a narrative so completely dismissed and relegated to the dust bin of history? No, of course not. Will there at least be a moment of self-reflection to analyze why they were so willing to peddle in conspiracy theories- the end is near and The President will certainly leave office in disgrace and more likely in handcuffs? No, there will be no mea culpa forth-coming save one or two honest individuals who main remain at large in the national media. There will be no self-awareness of the crimes of dishonesty that have been perpetrated on the public both in the US and abroad for more than two years.

The ability to admit they were wrong—stunningly wrong just seems an idea too distant for them to reach. Mark my words—this is a death knell for the old school of journalism in America. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS and the whole damned lot have embarrassed themselves beyond rehabilitation.

How can anyone give these outlets even a semblance of credibility when they certainly have none. They have no shame and they have no decency.

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Everyone and anyone who stood up and questioned this garbage from the beginning— who endured the mocking and accusations of being Kremlin agents, Putin stooges, Trump supporters, knuckle draggers, anti—American, backwoods hillbillies and morons who got banned from cable news & had smear jobs published in every left wing rag should wear it all with great pride. They are on the wrong side of history not you.

Wear that red hat with pride. Look them in the eye and tell them straight—my President won the election the way every President did before, far and square and he’s going to do it again.

Tell them you believe in the promise of America and not their fear mongering, conspiracy-theory, narcotic induced political coma. Tell them you are no longer interested in anything they have to say. Cancel your subscriptions to such birdcage liners as USA Today, Time, The New Yorker and the rest. Turn off cable TV and the endless babbling, bobbling Tweeting fools. Watch something interesting like an old classic John Wayne movie or Lucille Ball re- runs.

Look at them and smile when you stand up and put your hand over year heart and sing the Star Spangled Banner as loud as you can, a bit off-time and totally off-key. Do it with a heart full of pride. Reach out and shake the hand of a veteran, give a dollar to a homeless guy, help out your elderly neighbor and embrace the greatness of America that they simply cannot or do not want to understand.

Yes, wrap yourself in the flag. Being patriotic is still a good thing!

The hysteria and desperation I have witnessed since the total and complete exoneration of President Trump by Special Counsel Bob Mueller since the release of the report, detailing his 675 day, exhaustive investigation of The President—is breathtaking in its total immersion in denial by just about everyone on the left. The Deep State and its media partners are in full-on apoplectic convulsions.

Save for Fox News and conservative talk radio—and scant one or two other surviving journalists there was nobody watching the store. Nobody seemed to care about the truth. Many still don’t. The failure of anyone at any level of the major news media to sound the alarm when The New York Times ran an editorial attacking The President and did it anonymously I knew the end was near. The near total capitulation of the traditional media to the talking points of The Democrat Party has undermined the institutions of journalism and done real and lasting damage to once great outlets.

There is simply no way forward for CNN or MSNBC. How can there be redemption from a complete and utter failure of Journalism at every stage of the game? There is no way forward for the dying papers in this country. How could anyone place their trust in the Washington Post, The New York Times or even the Associated Press—all have been complicit in the now totally discredited and failed attempt to overthrow the lawfully and legally elected President of The United States.

The newspapers in this country were on their way out and this will hasten the exit.

As for the winners—the first is the American people who have witnessed the failed takedown and now can exact a balancing of the scales in November of 2020. President Trump is the other big winner and may well have won next year’s election on Sunday March 24, 2019. Other winners include Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, John Solomon, Mark Levin and yes, me too. We have been witness to a reckless and dangerous political class and equally dangerous national press corps. We have watched both press and Democrat politicians pontificate about high crimes and misdemeanors and of course impeachment.

The insanity will not end this day for many. They will persist in their wild accusations, in fact it has already begun. Democrat Adam Schiff is among those who are threatening to drag this whole mess further down into the sewer by sending subpoenas to Attorney General William Barr and the Special Counsel himself Bob Mueller—to demand more answers.

To what? I have no idea—the final report is very clear and it leaves no doubt—there was no collusion. Period. And there was no obstruction of justice. President Trump is totally vindicated—it is a Grand Slam walk off homerun for the White House.

In a preview of coming attractions—watch for the left in it’s soon to be full-front attacks on Bob Mueller. Remember, Mueller nearly walked on water until he issued his report.