The campaign season is heating up even though the first caucuses and primaries for those seeking the Presidency are still months away. It’s perfectly clear however this will be a race measured in litmus tests and questions of situational morality.

We are being lectured daily on morality by the left. They have a notion that not only are they smarter than everyone else, but they are morally superior as well. There seems to be a nearly endless well of issues they are superior on.

Global Warming is a matter of life and death. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a heard of would be Democratic nominees are looking down their noses at us while wagging their finger and lamenting the dangers of air-travel and cow flatulence.

The use of fossil fuels must be stopped and now, otherwise we will all be dead for sure in 12 years. The left has rolled out soccer moms and indignant children to shame the likes of Senator Diane Feinstein to support the outrageously ridiculous Green New Deal.

Wealth disparity and poverty have become a vestige of the moral high ground the left deludes itself into believing it occupies.

Sanctimonious barely covers the contempt dripping from the comments and the faces of the endless parade of victims (real or not) put forth for the #MeToo movement. If you don’t believe we live in a ‘rape culture’ you are simply to stupid and not morally able to comprehend what is really going on.

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The Border Wall is “immoral” we have been told in no uncertain terms by Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. If you pint out those murdered or raped by illegal aliens you are targeted as an immoral racist and xenophobe no matter the facts at hand.

The President’s comments and behavior are immoral. Nothing else needs to be said.

Yes, we are lectured on the morality of racism, xenophobia, tolerance, gay rights, gay marriage, baking cakes, rape culture, fossil fuels, border security, immigration both legal and illegal, transgenderism and host of other issues the left demands you accept without question- Or you are morally bankrupt.

But somehow those than fancy themselves as defenders of the universe and the purveyors of truth and goodness ignore the scourge of 3 rd Trimester, late term abortions. It seems on the left killing and dismembering a viable child at any time during pregnancy is perfectly fine and crosses no moral line at all.

Excuse me?

44 Democratic Senators voted against a bill that would have required medical treatment for babies born alive- despite an attempted abortion. That’s right they voted against a bill that would have required medical attention be given to babies that somehow didn’t actually die during the abortion procedure. How morally grotesque are these people?

Illinois is trying to become the latest state to pass a law allowing an abortion at any time during pregnancy- with or without a reason. Remember how some were ridiculed by Planned Parenthood and its supporters for saying allowing exceptions for abortions in certain cases was a slippery slope? Seems they had it nailed.

There has never been a clearer distinction between what the left believes and what we believe. The delineation between right and wrong is unmistakable and many on the left know it. They realize this kind of unprecedented embrace of late-term abortions may have the unintended consequence of killing the Democrat Party instead.

An understanding of what is really at stake is important. Let’s talk about viability of infants in the womb for a moment. Babies that are born after just 26 weeks of gestation have a 78% survival rate and and after three years 80% of those kids have no disabilities at all. It only goes up there. Babies born after 27 weeks have a 90% survival rate. At 28 to 31 weeks it goes to almost 95% and after that it continues to go higher.

So, the bottom line is this; Elective Abortions (and what else would you call them) in the 3 rd trimester means that in more than 9 cases out of 10- the abortion would involve terminating a live, viable infant.

This, I believe is the issue that will destroy the Democrats. Millions of Democrats, especially the Democrats of faith will be forced to look in the mirror and ask themselves about the morality of killing and dismembering a child that is just weeks, days or moments from being born alive.

What’s more is the Democrats are always clamoring about human rights in other countries while violating the most basic human right here in America- life. They do so without batting an eye and they scream about migrant children being separated from their parents temporarily while not seeming to care in the least about kids being separated permanently from their parents with forceps and scalpels.

They raise the roof about infant mortality rates in poor areas and areas of color but at the same time champion the destruction of those same individuals as long as the mother wants it to happen.

This is a losing proposition for Democrats. If we fail to stop it forcefully and permanently late-term abortions will be a losing proposition for us all!