What have the last two years really been about?

The endless attacks on President Donald Trump, the investigations, allegations and aberrations of norms have all been focused to result in maximum damage to 45. The effort is clearly intended to destroy Trump and end his Presidency.

His resilience has been remarkable. How many people could have faced the hurricane force anger from half the nation, the relentless political assaults and the rhetorical political burnings in effigy on the endless 24-hour news cycle? That President Trump is still standing must qualify as some sort of record for withstanding withering, ruthless and brutal political attacks.

But why? What is the real reason behind the unhinged, delusional and constant pummeling of President Trump? The answer really is pretty simple; R B G.

For the first time since 1936 the United States Supreme Court is not in the hands of leftist jurists. Yes, you read that correctly. SCOTUS has been controlled by the Democrats and therefore the liberals since the Great Depression. FDR was able to stack the court by being elected 4 times and Harry Truman stuck around for one more term. Because Supreme Court Justices are chosen for life they control the outcome from the bench for a very long time.

Democrats have been elected often enough to get seats on the court just timely enough to maintain the edge. That is until now.

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Democrats and the left are howling mad and the biggest driving factor is The Supreme Court. The simply cannot believe they screwed up so badly and allowed Hillary Clinton to lose and in the process watch their high court dominance bulldozed by the likes of Donald Trump.

Now those on both sides of the aisle are preparing for the most epic Supreme Court battle yet and it could come at any time. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it is safe to say, is in declining health. In November she fell and broke two or three ribs. It’s not the first time the 85-year-old jurist has fallen and injured herself. More recently doctors discovered a pair of cancerous polyps on her left lung and surgically removed them.

As a result an unprecedented event has occurred; Ginsburg has missed oral arguments three days already this week. Chief Justice John Roberts says she will rely on transcripts of the proceedings and briefs provided by each side of the cases presented.

Ginsburg is recovering but remains under the close watchful eye of an entire medical team. Supreme Court Justices as you can imagine get the very best health care in the world. Despite that team however, time marches on and RBG may be winding down.

Right now behind the scenes both sides are preparing for an all out war because if Ginsburg retires or possibly dies- conservatives would be in a position to gain a 6-3 advantage on the court.

Stephen Breyer is also concerning to those on the left because he is now 80 years old as well.

If you thought the contentious battle over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was ugly, you haven’t seen anything yet. Dredging up yearbooks and questionable claims about sexual assault as a junior in high school will look like child’s play.

If there is another vacancy on the high court before Donald Trump leaves the White House- the battle over the nominee will be akin to a Holy War.

In fact I dare say the Democrats would vote against Jesus Christ himself if he was put up for the vacant seat.