The Democrats never intended to vote for Brett Kavanaugh or any other nominee put forth by President Donald Trump. They will fight back against any justice put up by The President, not because they may or may not be qualified for the job but because they want judges that will rule one particular way, their way.

Anything else is not acceptable to the left. I don’t even need to call them the radical left because it is redundant these days.

Jeff Flake thought he had granted the Democrats some sort of compromise by way of Chris Coons but they do not understand the concept. They take no prisoners and they do not compromise for any reason. They only pursue their goals of ever-larger omnipresent government reaching into every aspect of our lives. They loathe the Constitution in large part. They hate the 2nd Amendment and they’d eliminate if given half a chance. Those same Democrats would discard much of the 1 st and 4th as well.

The bottom line is those on the left believe they are smarter than those that penned our founding documents.

There are other things they would quickly target if given the power they lust after. The Electoral College would be high on the list for elimination, as would meaningful borders.

The notion that the newly launched supplemental FBI investigation, the 7th looking into Judge Kavanaugh’s background, would have any impact on the vast majority of Democrats is silly. No matter what the FBI finds- the likes of Schumer, Sanders, Harris and the rest will vote no and do so loudly. The only Democrats inclined to support the nomination are Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnely of Indiana and they will only do so in an attempt to pacify voters in their states. In West Virginia for example Brett Kavanaugh is widely supported by men and women and it’s a state President Trump carried by 40 points. Snubbing the Supreme Court nominee could be political suicide.

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In the meantime, the very predictable surge of new accusations against Kavanaugh are making their way to the surface. One former freshmen college roommate is accusing the judge of lying about how much he drank. Of course the left is latching onto it in the hopes it can stop his ascension to the high court. Meanwhile his friends from college say it’s non-sense.

So is that what we have achieved?

We are now going to tear people apart because they drank in high school and college? Trust me the Democrats are all for it, at least for now as long as it derails Brett Kavanaugh. Then of course the total double standard will be rolled out and that measure will be quickly forgotten.

This is all found in the center of the vortex of lies.